Ultra Australia Post (lots of photos)

So, you may have been wondering what I've been doing with the rest of my time in Australia. A LOT. Here are the highlights (and more pictures coming soon from Captain Matty's Tour).

I finally saw the circular quay!
We went to eat at this nice restaurant called Crinitis. I find restaurants here to be a lot different than back home. For instance, it was a bit off-putting to spend that much money on food, and not even be offered refills ( which I know isn't customary in restaurants here ) or any type of pre-meal extra, like warm bread. Anyways, the food we did have was good. The steak tastes much different here.

Oh yes, and in the little shopping area I discovered my new store obsession.... TYPO! It's basically little cute nicknacks and stationary type items, for cheap too! I got a pillow with a deer print among other things. I'll probably post those later.

shoes vintage, skirt from garage, top from clubcouture

On another day we went to this place called Voodoo which is pretty much a large series of cliffs. It was a pretty spooky setting in the evening.
Cheesy photo time.

The next day we did a Sydney "city sights" tour, which went up to some places even Rai hadn't been. The tour also went to Manly beach - which looked like a really nice little area.

 It was part of a groupon deal involving the Taronga Zoo.  Which brings me to the next photos...

The zoo was really fun. You take a ferry then a sky rail up to the top, and make your way down. There are tons of animals to see, but our favourite was this last seal. He loved to watch the crowds and get attention.

One night we went out to Kings Cross. Some club called Soho. There are a LOT of guys in clubs here! Back home, there are mainly girls.
 Horto and me!

The next week we went to Cairns. It was a short flight and almost felt like we were back in Fiji with the landscape. Right away I liked Cairns. It's Australia but has a small town feel, unlike Sydney. You can walk to all the main places, and there is a really nice harbour strip called the Esplanade. Theres a huge public pool which we spent some time sunbathing and swimming at.

 Of course we had to do a Great Barrier Reef tour. We went with Sunlover cruises. It was a bit big/crowded for my taste but it was a really nice day. The boat ride out to the reef was VERY wavy, so many people were getting seasick. Rai and I didn't, but it felt like you were on a rollercoaster haha. The reef was very cool to snorkel in, and we also got to go into a glass bottom boat and a semi-submarine.

In Cairns we found some yummy eats, like this pizza place called Bel Paese. The 4 cheese pizza was amazing!

But our favourite, FAVOURITE place ever was Grill'd! There is one in Sydney but Rai didn't know about it until Cairns. It's gourmet burgers, and wow are they good. The chips are also amazing. I didn't get any pictures, because they hate 'foodies' and bloggers. I was scared :(

We stayed in Coral Tree Inn. It was very nice, clean and comfortable. The pool was a really nice area. We did a little photoshoot!

The pretty bandeau bow top is from Goodnight Macaroon. Super cute over a bathing suit!!

You always need a good selection of sunglasses.
The next thing we did in Cairns was Captain Matty's Barefoot Tour. It was the highlight of the Cairns trip. We went into the rainforest to a series of waterfalls and saw other cool things like big crater holes.

This was a super eerie crater lake. It was a bit foggy, making it even spookier.

That was a super huge post, wasn't it! Now we are headed to Byron Bay for my last week.


  1. Lovely photos!
    Your outfits are adorable! :)

  2. awesome photos!!!


  3. you should post outfits of your boyfriend too! He is really stylish and inspiring, and that would be a nice twist on a fashion blog :)

  4. How amazing is Typo!
    I blame that place for my unhealthy stationary obsession.


  5. Grill'd is my favourite! I eat there like once a week. SOOOOO GOOD. So jealous of your adventures!

  6. really beautiful photos. i wish i could visit australia. it is actually on my list of places i would love to visit. the water looks stunning, everything just looks great. you and your boyfriend are so cute and it is amazing that you were able to see the Great Barrier Reef. btw, girl is is possible for you to take a bad photo, cos i am thinking no!

    xx rae

    i have been following you for a while, doll, but it would mean a lot to me if you could pop by to my blog, and also follow back if you like it!


  7. lovely photos! you're cute together!

  8. Amazing post,lovely photos!And great style!!:))


  9. beautiful photos! <3


  10. Lovely photos! It's looks like you've had a wonderful time!
    I really like the looks you've pulled together - they look polished, while being completely laid-back and fun.

  11. Amazing post and pics! ♥

  12. Ok I REALLY want your body! Raj looks great too ;D Looks amazing! Wish I was you right now! <3

  13. This trip looks so incredible! I'm jealous!! I've always wanted to go to Australia.


  14. pretty pretty pictures and you seemed like having loads and loads of funnn... i wanna go to australia again as well :( have you tried bill's breakfast in surrey hills, sydney?

  15. Grill'd is awesome, I had no idea they hated "foodies" and "bloggers" I took photos anyway.

  16. Wow, you look like you're having a GREAT time out back! :)

    My favourite sentence:
    "There are a LOT of guys in clubs here! Back home, there are mainly girls."
    - as a fellow Winnipeg I know this from experience but I didn't realise that this is a mainly Winnipeg based phenomenon as every other bar/club I've been to outside of Manitoba has been totally opposite.

  17. amazing photos! you look gorgeous:)) nice outfit! ♥


  18. Hey, Breanne! I've been admiring your blog for a very long time, but now I just have to tell you that you are super-beautiful, the photos look absolutely amazing and I'm really jealous, hoping that one day I will also be able to visit Australia :) keep posting, cause you're great at it!
    Kisses from Poland,

  19. Oooh definitely some familiar places in your pictures and love some of the pictures you've captured! :) Byron bay sounds exciting ! :P

  20. you are very beautiful... I follow you :)


  21. you are soooooooooo beautiful ^^ i love you.. and your clothes :D

  22. Beautiful pictures ! It look so amazing !


  23. Lovely photos. The ones from Cairns remind me of when I visited a few years ago. We did a similar thing with the boat/snorkel tour and then one of the bus rides into the rainforest and to see craters and waterfalls - so amazing. Looks like you're having a lovely time over there. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  24. I'm so happy you discovered Typo, I love that place. And Grill´d Burgers, how delish aren't they? I haven't been to Byron Bay or Cairns despite being here for five years, but it is on my to-do-list. Looks like you guys had an awesome holiday. Great photos, great memories!

  25. Wow, I love photo n.8 - his outfit is really cool :) And white bow top look amazing too :)

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  27. great photos! Really great, it had to be amazing!! :)

  28. How tall are you? How tall is your bf?

  29. where is your bikini from? it's very pretty.

  30. def need a good selection of sunnies :)you have such cute simple outfits! lovee it

  31. Breanne sure rocks a bikini!

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