Autumn Cosmetics from Sephora

I was browsing Sephora last night and compiled a little list of make up I hope to own this season (or wish to own. It's fun to dream.). 

Up first, the Spice Market nail polish set! While I usually opt for cheap nail polish from Forever 21, there's no denying that OPI is better quality. I love the colour concept behind this set. It mixes everything I'm into right now - oranges and deep red hues, along with a touch of metallic and sparkle. 

I haven't tried this lipstick yet, but it stood out to me when I was actually at the Sephora store last week, and stood out again online. I appreciate the wood grain container with a painted design. I have never tried this brand before but I will definitely do a review if I end up getting it. Both of these red tones are perfect for the colder months, when my tan fades and I return to being ol' ghosty Breanne.

I usually use eye shadows for highlighting, but this shimmer pencil by Anastasia of Beverly Hills could be fun and equally as effective in highlighting the eye area. I once had a white MAC eye liner that I used to open up my eye area by applying to the lash line, and I think this would work in a similar way.

Last is a skin care product! I've been looking for a mask for awhile. While this product is pretty expensive, it has great reviews. I'm looking for something that will gently exfoliate my skin and make it feel smooth, refreshed and glowing afterwards - WITHOUT drying it out! Once the temperature drops in the fall, my skin tends to be even drier. It's probably the cold weather and harsh wind that affects my skin. 

Tell me your current cosmetic wishlist in the comments!


  1. High beam from Benefit is also a great highlighter, and it lasts forever @_@

  2. Spice market collection looks great!

  3. Tarte products are my fave. All vegan which is amazing. Coolest packaging. And if you're looking for a natural looking non-shimmery bronzer (my skin looks oily enough already), their matte park ave princess bronzer works wonders :)

  4. Sephora nail polish is the best. I reccommend it about everything else. The ones I have I bought years ago as a special gift to myself and have lasted all that time without going hard and are beautiful colours. I'm a sucker for Sephora products after that!

  5. I would be very interested to find out your opinion if you end up buying the face mask. I have a very similar experience when the temperature drops and the wind picks up. If you do buy it, please do a review!


  6. If you are going to try out tarte, you to try their blushes. They are amazing!