Rumble by Jeffrey Campbell is one of the many shoes on my current wishlist. I can't decide which colour I would go for. While I would be fine with having the whole collection, realistically I'd probably choose the green, leather brown or leather black. Ankle booties are big this year, and the reason 

The height of the ankle bit and the almond-shaped toe is just right. I prefer a chunky heel as it gives it a bit of a vintage look.  The back zipper/tie adds a touch of detail to the shoe. 

I lost my touch for walking in heels, but I think this pair actually looks pretty easy to walk in/comfortable.

Which colour would you go for? Find the shoes here.


Thanks for all your words of encouragement in regards to my last post. I really appreciate all your comments and advice!


  1. They're beautiful! I would go for the green suede. :)

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  3. totally in love!!!


  4. I agree with you, they are really nice and has the perfect shape! I have bought the Taupe ones, but returned them because they were very uncomfortable. It's actually because of the angle at the ankle, I feel like my ankle is so bent that it was actually pulling at the front of it. Maybe it's the shape of my feet...I've done dancing 10 years so it's not like my ankle aren't flexible. I hope they fit you well!

  5. God I love ankle booties. And they really do look pretty easy to walk in with that chunky heel! I would probably go for one of the blacks but they are all gorgeous.


  6. So beautiful! love the colors!


  7. hey
    I have these in black leather. They were super hard to break in. They look great on the feet, but i have to say that the first couple weeks I wore them, My entire foot was numb on both sides. Even after taking them off, I thought I wouldn't get the feeling back in my foot ever again. anyway, they are so awesome, after broken in, but the tightness around the ankle is super uncomfortable. just saying