Nothing is better than a little shopping trip with mom. While some people like to keep it simple for something like shopping, I see it as an excuse to get out and about. Why not dress up too? 
Winnipeg might not have ocean views, but sometimes you can find little pretty areas like this to take outfit shots around.

My neutral/monotone outfit features this back-button dress from LalaMagic. I love surprise details on seemingly simple dresses - although I'm not entirely sure I would even classify the front of this dress as plain. I think the subtle lace bust and pleated skirt make for the perfect balance of interest.
It's about that time for my oxford flats to come out. I think they will still be around for this coming fall but not so much as in the last few years.

asymmetrical jacket c/o shopakira, dress c/o lalamagic.

& What did I get from my shopping trip?
Well, I had a Sephora gift card from my birthday (Thanks sis) so I decided to go with liquid foundation, primer and last but not least - the new Lady Gaga Perfume - FAME Black Fluid.
I really like it because it's different from all my other perfumes. Black Fluid has a  richer, spicier scent to it while still remaining quite feminine.



  1. You look beautiful, as always!!

    Kiss, Vera

  2. That dress is gorgeous, especially from the back. And you have such amazing looking hair. Last time I went clothes shopping I wore a dress that fastened from the back. I forgot that my boyfriend has to zip me in and out of it so in every shop I ended up twisting my arm in painful waysin the changing room trying to get dressed and undressed! Guessing as you went with mum not boyfriend you had some help. I have totally learnt my lesson and next time I am only going in clothes I can get out of quickly. :D

  3. lovely outfit! That dress are adorable! :)

  4. Absolutely love the shape of the jacket! It goes with the dress in a perfectly unexpected way. Great pairing!

    -Annie <3

    Adventures In Wonderland

  5. I've lived in places like Taiwan and Montreal and Winnipeg definitely has its cool and beautiful areas too!
    I love the dress you are wearing! x


  6. you look very beautiful!

    Jacklyn ☮❤ from Aly´s Book

  7. i love the outfit! the dress is beautiful with the detailing on the top :)

  8. Love your look! And I've been wanting to sample Gaga's new scent, so it's good to hear you like it!


  9. I love the dress an the SO MUCH the jacket. I wnat to taste this Lady Gaga parfume: I will try

  10. That dress is gorgeous!


  11. That dress & jacket go so well together, love the way this outfit looks.

    I've been wanting to try Gaga's perfume! It's nice to hear good reviews about it.


  12. It's so nice that you go shopping with your mom! Isn't it the best time? My mom and I also have some girls-time days [: