The shawl that was meant to stay inside for cuddling has made its way into the big outside world several times. It was made to bring to the movies (I went to see Argo - really good! But definitely not my favourite type of movie) since the theatres are usually freezing.

shawl from ardene, skirt c/o lulu*s, shoes from spring

The weekend shaped up to be a great one. I spent a night out with my friends and had a meeting for a wicked opportunity. Yours truly will be submitting article(s) for a new, upcoming magazine based in Winnipeg. I think mostly I will be focusing on fashion and lifestyle in Winnipeg. I'll get the chance to brush up on my writing skills, and we all know Winnipeg could use a little more arts - so I'm going to enjoy being involved with something that helps show the better sides of this ol' town.



  1. I love the pretty knotted skirt!

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    check out my recent post featuring a watercolor cardigan:

  2. really lovely fall outfit. i love the scarf!

    xx rae

  3. I think maybe there's some kind of conspiracy going on between the film industry and cinemas that they have to keep the heating really low lest cinema goers get too snug and fall asleep and label a film boring :) Your shawl is far too gorgeous anyway not to be seen outdoors. Congrats on the writing gig too...it sounds really exciting and it's lovely that you've landed an artsy job there in Winnipeg.

  4. It is a very nice dress.
    I melted into the autumn foliage.

  5. I love the colors of the scarf! Its a tease to the outfit! :)

    xx, kaze.

  6. I'm with kaze above -the colours in the scarf + the skirt = perfect match. You always seem to have such great patterned items. I think first time I ever came to this blog you were wearing an amazing patterned poncho.

  7. Sooo beautiful! lovely colors!


  8. wow, the Winnipeg thing is awesome! congrats:)) and good luck!
    you look pretty amazing ♥♥♥ you're perfect:)

  9. Hi Breanne,

    I love your post on shawls! The outfit in your photo's is so elegant, the skirt with wrap net detail (as much as I can see from the picture, eek awful description!) combined with the sparkled top is just delightful!

    Love your style!

    xx Tasha

  10. Great style. I love your blog! I follow You :)

  11. So pretty! Love your skirt ♡

  12. I have always been amused to be here....simply an awesome post..

  13. love your outfit :) x


  14. love so much how you added the shawl underneath your jacket!

    xo Jackie

  15. Ah I love this shawl so much! Its perfect. You are seriously stunning. I am so glad to be back into the blogging swing and able to visit your blog on a regular basis again, it was always a favorite! Hope you're well. xo

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