I LOVE YOUR STYLE: Fancy Giraffe

Creative, girlish and perhaps a bit wacky...I can't fully describe or understand the style of Cindy of Fancy Giraffe - but who said you have to understand things to admire them? While browsing fashion blogs, I generally love those who I can relate to the most. But there is a few different aspects I look for - I also like those who take aspects of my sort of style but put a spin on them, or do something I would have never thought of. Fancy Giraffe does just that.

Cindy frequently to style ties of any kind into her outfits, whether it be a shirt tie, a neck tie or a hair tie (and even her actual hair sometimes!). She is great at taking one look, such as the side braid you see above, and changing it up to make it look new/different.

Sometimes matching outfits can be a little bit...too much. But Cindy always seems to have the perfect, quirky balance to her outfits. I think it's the ribbon laces and tan leggings/pants on this look that really does it for me.

It should be obvious why I selected these looks for the feature. Well, if not, I'll explain. The left look screams fall, academic fashion - a trend/style which I can't get enough of. The right features a cat sweater. Come on. I have a similar one coming in the mail and now I have inspiration on how to wear it. Except, I live in the blistering cold and not sunny California so I think I'll have to pass on the shorts.

Last but not least, the look that drew me to click on her blog after seeing it on lookbook. I'm not one who can sport these type of pants and look anywhere near as presentable. I love the yellow and the leather browns in this look, as well as the print.

Her tumblr blog will not disappoint or fail to give you tons of great outfit ideas and inspiration.

Visit Cindy's blog here, and lookbook here.



  1. Absolutely LOVE her style! She has great hair and very vintagey type of style. Thanks for introducing her blog to me! I'm her newest follower :)
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  2. I love your style! very good post!

  3. Wow! Great style! Following her blog! :D

  4. Here style is unique- but it totally suits her!! Those glasses rock!

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  5. She has great style, very unique and awesome! I'm going to check out her blog now. xx


  6. Wow thank you so much Breanne! No words can described how thankful I am that you even noticed me! Thank you so much for this post! You're style is super inspiring as well and you're gorgeous beyond words! <3333