The Cheetah

I love Halloween. Last year I dressed up as an owl and I'm continuing the animal trend this year with a cheetah. Although I do not have any step by step instructions for you, my costume was very easy to put together/make.

First, I ordered a leopard jumpsuit from ebay. It was only 9 dollars and came with free shipping (surprise, it was an overseas seller...sweatshop much?). But anyways, Halloween comes but once a year so we must splurge when necessary.

I bought leopard fabric and unfortunately couldn't find an exact match to the jumper, but I don't think anyone noticed.

To make the tail I cut out two long strips of my fabric and sewed them together on three sides, leaving one open so that I could painstakingly turn it inside out. Then I stuffed it so that it wouldn't just be some lame ol' floppy tail. I also added some straps (strapless things make me nervous, especially when possibly intoxicated) out of long strips of fabric, sewn to the top of the jumpsuit and tied simply around my neck.

The ears I made really last minute and cut two triangles for each ear. Again, I sewed three sides and turned them inside out, stuffing them lightly. I then attached them to a brown headband. Originally I wanted ears that just clipped into my hair but that took a bit more effort and I wasn't up for it.

The makeup was the best part. I used waterproof Too Faced eyeliner for the spots so that they wouldn't rub off very much during the night. For the middle of the spots I used gold liquid liner which also wasn't very smudgy. I drew the spots on my forehead, cheeks, feet and chest. 

 I applied white makeup to my nose and upper lip/upper lip area. I then drew (again with the waterproof liner) a black nose and a black lip. If you're going to dress up as a cat for Halloween, it's better to draw the nose on the lower bit of your nose, including inside your nostrils. It's more realistic than just drawing a dot at the tip of your nose.

The lines leading down from my eyes are characteristic of a cheetah and also make the makeup look a bit more realistic. Eyebrows are important too. Instead of colouring my eyebrows fully in like I normally do, I applied black to the inner tip of my brows and left the rest pale. This looked hilarious the next morning when all my other makeup had been washed off but I forgot about the brows.

My eye makeup was liquid liner with some white eyeliner on the inner bottom lid to open my eyes up a bit more. I applied some bronze Anastasia eyeshadow all the way up to the lid and darker bronze in the outer corner of my eye for a smokey look.

The outfit wouldn't have been complete without fangs. I bought the kind that you mold right to your teeth, so they go on rather seamless and don't fall off through the night. You can also use them over and over again. The brand is Scarecrow.

After all was said and done, I went out to take pictures for my blog/lookbook. Of course the gang of little preteen boys decided to come outside while my mom was encouraging me to do "cheetah" poses". While they tried to whistle, we wrapped up the shoot and went inside. Half an hour later those little rascals rang my doorbell and asked if the cheetah was going to come out of it's cage. What is my life.

My night was spent at a social/bar with my friends - Vicki went as a tree (her boyfriend was a lumberjack), Leo went as a shark (her boyfriend was a dead lifeguard), Mylaine went as a devil, Janelle went as a skeleton, Nicole went as a serial killer and Ashley went as Peter Pan. Unfortunately they aren't as cool as me and don't do photoshoots in forested areas, so I don't have any photos. Pff. 
It was an awesome night.

For the actual night of Halloween, I'll probably just hand out candy, carve pumpkins and catch up on the episodes of American Horror Story: Asylum 


  1. Very cool nose & makeup. Bit more sultry than the owl, you can really tell how your personal style has evolved this year (I'm including all the outfits over the year, not just Catty McCatkins - Definitely an even more self-possessed & independent Woman:) - Oh, and I think you dropped something in the 2nd pic;)JK. Hope all the job stuff is progressing well, and you have a great holiday. Jingle Jingle kid. Kai. BTW Halloween - Best Holiday of the year, always!

  2. you are so cute! nice boobie cheetah :D

  3. Sweet skins! I love that your ma takes your photos! Id kill for a reliable shooter like that ;)

  4. whoa your makeup looks so cool! I love the fangs!!

  5. This is such a killer costume, love it!

  6. YOU LOOK AMAZING!! Definitely doing this next year!!

  7. You look so awesome!!!!!!! Love the photos, love the costume!

    'The Wind of Inspiration' blog

  8. You look so cute haha great halloween costume!

  9. This is hilarious! Of course you would have that luck with the pre-teen boys. Maybe next year a boy will be out and about who's your age haha I love the makeup. Great job!


  10. Your makeup is fabulous! I love that you painted your chest and feet too! I never would have thought of that~


  11. So cute, and so creative, wow! I was a leopard for Halloween this year but I definitely didn't go as all out as you did. Awesome awesome costume. xx


  12. Such a sweet costume! I loveeee it :)

    Check out my blog! xo


  13. OMG THAT IS THE COOLEST OUTFIT EVER! HOLY CRAP, i love your effort!!

  14. Here Kitty, Kitty... Oh, la, la baby! So sexy!