Orbs and Lights

I've been dipping into the dangerous world of pants lately...and I like it! Except they just aren't as comfortable as wearing leggings/skirt.

These ones from Nectar are pretty soft though and have a nice stretch. The colour is a neutral olive which goes really well with a few different colours (yellow, burgundy, blush, lavender).

olive pants and necklace c/o nectar, cardigan c/o iAnywear, blouse from ShopAkira.


  1. So lovely colors!


  2. They look nice! I am a big fan of olive colors.


  3. love the sheer chiffon blouse!! beautiful look as always! :D

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  4. So pretty! That mustard cardi is a beautiful color on you.

  5. what a nice outer.. the color makes you look great <3

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    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  6. Very pretty!! I love that mustard cardigan! (:


  7. No way! Nothing is as comfortable as leggings. But you still look lovely.
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  8. Yeah, the world of pants is dangerous xD
    Lovely outfit, anyway ;)


  9. I really like these photos... so surreally beautiful. I like your outfit too!


  10. i love this mustard cardigan!!you look very pretty
    kisses from milano

  11. I'm normally a strictly skirts and shorts kind of girl but I've been tempted by trousers lately too!

    Rosie x

  12. Lovely yellow color, it goes so well with your header!


  13. Just discovered your blog. You have such great style! Excited to be a new follower.


  14. I really like the olive pants. I actually wish I had more olive-colored clothes. The yellow cardigan looks awesome paired with those pants and your necklace is super cute too.

  15. Me encanta este look. El color de la chaqueta.

  16. Whoa! I love this one. It's my firs time writing in your blog. I love everything you wear. It's just awesome.
    PS: You are one of the people who ispire me haha :)
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    Kisses from Spain :)

  17. I love the colours in this outfit. I really like your necklace.

  18. You look lovely!

  19. Merry Christmas Breanne Angel!

    I always love the pictures of you posted here,
    makes me forget my winter blues this time of year,
    I always like to gaze and linger for just a little while,
    you never fail and always make me smile.

    Your elegance and style shows your beauty and talent,
    the perfection that is a woman is what you represent,
    at being wonderful and looking beautiful, you are as good as it gets,

    at night as I drift off to dream sweet dreams,
    the best are always of you, or so it seems,
    as I drift off into a wonderful dream the first thing I see,
    is you who is more than simply perfection to me.

    I imagine I’m seeing your beauteous face,
    it takes me to a such a joyous and tranquil warm place,
    you are a woman of such style, elegance, and grace.

    I dream I am touching your velvety soft skin,
    it's fragrant smell like the rose petal that’s it's akin,
    to taste your sweet lips would be utterly divine,
    better than the taste of the finest French wine,
    your golden voice, silken hair so soft and so fine,
    to look into your radiant eyes I'm sure I would find,
    the soul of an angel, a heart that's so kind.

    Awoken from my slumber to see that I only dreamt of you,
    I realize you are a real perfect angel, this I know to be true.

    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Beautiful Miss Sewards!
    We could use some angels here in the states, Canada's apparently lives in Winnipeg...
    BreanneFan XOXO! My Best to you always. Thank you for the inspiration, I wrote this little something to show my appreciation, my admiration, and for you as my inspiration.