Remember way back when I wanted a feather tattoo
Well...I got one! 
A fake tattoo, that is. Fake Tattoos contacted me to try out some of their designs! Their tattoos are all nontoxic...bonus! Haha.

It was really easy to apply- I imagine all of you put on a fake tattoo at least once as a kid with a wet cloth. It only takes 30 seconds to apply one of these bad boys. Temporary tattoos are pretty useful if you want to feel hardcore for a day or also if you want to see how a tattoo would look before you got it.

 The tattoos can last 3-10 days, depending on skin type.

 Oh, and this dress c/o of Your Eyes Lie has a really awesome MOON graphic on it. I really like dresses with interesting images.


Romwe Giveaway

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Open internationally.
Good luck! 
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The Velveteen Rabbit

Anyone remember reading this book when they were little? I remember crying :(
Anyways, it was the name inspiration for my latest look.
bag from khlees, skirt from chicwish, top thrifted.




Before I show you my typical outfit shot, I have some very very very very exciting news!
As many of you may or may not know, Raimundo came to visit me last summer. Next it was my turn to visit him! I will be going at the end of April and staying for one month. Since he lives in Sydney, we will be doing lots there. We also plan on going to Queensland. Even more exciting...we booked a plane trip & backpacking tour for FIJI! 
Look at that water.  Look at it.

Whenever I go on trips, I always say I'm going to take a lot of pictures and never do. This time will be different. Especially becaues I would like to share my trip on here! Eeee...excitement.

Now in contrast to the paradise you saw above, here are some chilly photos of the good ol' Canadian winter. And me! 
shirt dress from romwe.



Winter left a cover, that I'm gonna end up under.

This outfit was pretty comfy, even though I was wearing a dress! Everything else is big, oversize and cozy.
Also, I don't think I've actually ever owned a dress like this. It's sort of boho-y which normally isn't exactly my style but I just love it! The different colours make for endless combinations too. I went with earth tones.
bag and dress from windsor store
I updated my shop - you can now purchase handmade bows! :) Here's a few. 


I dunno if animal prints are in or not, but I can't seem to get enough of leopard print lately! I think I adore it so much because it goes with any deep hue and just gives the outfit something a bit more unique.
Both the top and bandage skirt (great for y'know, hiding pudge) shown here are from Windsor Clothing.
 necklace from nectar clothing, top and skirt from Windsor, boots from Aldo.
Oh, and some people have been asking about this so...


Winter Swan

Y'know, I'm probably a little late for jumping on the swan bandwagon. What was there, probably close to a billion Black Swan halloween costumes this year? Indeed, they are a rather popular bird, alongside the owl and the sparrow.
Photo by Simona Barbu.

Photo by Marina Refur

Well, regardless, I like them, and I like this swan ring from Romwe.

shirt from acid reign, sweater and rings from romwe, scarf from girlfriends material.

Swans also make great ring holders. So now my swan ring is in my swan ring holder. Yeahhh!


Kisses over Babylon

Casual. Neutral. Knit. Plaid.
I wear a lot of ponytails lately, since I'm lazy. But when I do, I make sure they are HUGE by curling it/backcombing a bit. These pictures don't really do it justice. 

Oh yeah, another thing I forgot to mention in my last few posts - YES i dyed my hair finally :) A dark brown, one shade lighter than black.

sweater and bag from romwe.
The title comes from this song, which is amazing! Watch it :) 



On The Shelf

Wahoooo! I love this skirt from Romwe.
I remember when I used to consistantly wear full skirts like this, and I definitely miss them. 
The texture of this skirt is kind of like horse hair (fake though).
skirt from romwe, shoes from le bunny bleu.


Blushing Rose

Hey guys!
It seems like forever since I posted. I've been pretty busy lately. Looks like this school year is going to be preeetty busy. 
This weekend, however, was filled with birthday parties - my friend Janelle's on Saturday and my Grandma's on Sunday. 
So that is my...excuse for not posting! Four days between posts used to be the norm for me but for the past few months I've tried to get more in.

Now anyways, about this outfit...Well, I don't have a lot to say other than I think the feather pin + clockwatch necklace are romantic together.

dress from clubcouture, sweater thrifted, scarf from le chateau.

PS. Don't forget to enter the united styles giveaway :)



I went comfy on my first day of school. I already have a lot to do! Curses. 
Oh well, one more semester to go (hopefully) and then I'm done :)
Having this sequin cheetah on my sweater reminds me of the adorable sweaters my Grandma would make for me when I was little which had various animals. One was a dancing bear.
I was cool then, I am cool now.

sweater from chicwish, scarf was a gift.



Oh boy, do I have an offer for you guys! Remember when I styled that awesome sparrow dress from United Styles? Well now they are offering a little contest for you all - an opportunity to win your own design!
This contest is open to my followers- so please follow my blog if you are entering.

1. 'Like' unitedstyles on facebook: facebook.com/unitedstyles 
2. Design a dress or top at unitedstyles.com 
3. Post the link to your 3D design in the comments of this post. For example: http://goo.gl/1zzk0 
One winner will win their design, and two others will be sent 30 percent off coupons. 
The contest will run for one week and will end on  January 11th!



Follow Me Down

I set up my serger today and it is completely awesome. Finishing seams is so much less time consuming and looks so nice. I love sewing!

Today's outfit features a bag from Tell Her You Saw Me. I have a pretty crazy collection of orange things now haha, but I love it. This sweater is c/o my MOM! I love the colour<3

bag from tell her you saw me, sweater and skirt from forever 21. 

Now have a lovely song by Josh Pyke (Rai got me this CD for Christmas and I adoreee it)