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Sometimes, as a blogger, you have to report on things you didn't necessarily like. It's important to be honest.
One of my new sponsors, SheInside, let me pick out an item from their website. I went with these shoes, which retail for $58.00 (and free shipping). Honestly, I'm not so sure they are worth that money.
The shoes arrived and I was a bit...disappointed. First off, they stank. Really bad, like cheap suede. It filled up my entire house and my mom made me put them in the garage for a few nights. The packaging was very poor- just thrown in a dirty/mangled shoe box. No tissue. Nothing pretty or cute. CRIES.

The shoes themselves looked dirty. The "suede" looked tattered and had little white lints all over. 
The shoe had a lot of discolouration. There were scuffs too, as you can see above. These photos are also taken before I wore them, so you can see the bottoms are a little dirty as well as if they had been worn.

Here's the big pro - I really like the design - that's why I chose them! I love the colour and how they looked with my outfit for the day. No one would really notice the imperfections, only the buyer. But...they were very uncomfortable (and I'm not picky when it comes to comfort shoes). Little to no padding. I'm not completely ready to write off SheInside yet - but I'm definitely not happy with these shoes. Companies make mistakes too...I just wouldn't want to make this one for 58 dollars.

So i suppose I should end this post on a more positive note. The top and bracelet are from NECTAR. A company which is really outstanding when it comes to quality, packaging, etc. The top has a type of open back design which I'm going to show off to you guys when its a bit warmer outside. 

I'm so obsessed with feathers right now. I love it.

bracelet and top from Nectar, shoes from SheInside, skirt from ClubCouture.



Run into Flowers

This is a typical 'feeling kind of lazy' outfit for school. I normally don't take pictures of those types of outfits but I thought I would today! Love love LOVE blush colours for spring <3

One more week of school. One more week. Then I'm free. I cannot wait. I feel like I'm burning myself out because I have 3 essays due on the same day next week. Just gotta take it one day at a time...

 top c/o chicwish, pants from delia*s, moccasins from LuLu*s



SheInside Giveaway!

Hey guys! This week's giveaway is courtesy of SheInside
The winner will receive the above bat-sleeve union jack sweater!
How to enter:
1.Register on Sheinside
2.Comment on this post with your name and email address

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& It's that easy! Contest is international and will run until April 4th, 11:59 pm.
Good luck!

Floral Hairpieces

These are so dreamy. I would love to own a flower crown of every colour...Would you wear these whimsical hair pieces? You know, I don't even think they have to be that overly girly. Now I want to buy one and try to style it into a casual outfit !
Row 1 : Garden of Whimsy "Muse" and "Diana"
Row 2:  K is for Kani "Yellow Sunflower" and "Lewis and Evie" (PS: Vote for Kani in the Asos competition - she totally deserves to win!)



Sunlight Infused

This necklace is wonderful. I love the colours chosen, they definitely have that Spring vibe. Receiving something handmade is really the best thing ever. This is from the small Halifax boutique RunFree, RunWild, which is getting ready to grow.

 Yes, you read that correctly. The tags can be planted! I just need to get a planter first.

dress and bag c/o romwe, necklace c/o runfree, runwild, lipstick from rimmel london in shade coral queen.

I haven't dressed this brightly in some time...I rather liked it! I kept the bag + shoes neutral to level the outfit out.



Emerald Street

Bizarre lighting but I like it.
 dress/top from windsor, skirt from clubcouture, necklace from goodnight macaroon
I haven't been doing much lately. I really want to work on some new stuff from my etsy (and also I have some new things to take photos of and add to my closet shop), but I'm a little swamped with school. Two weeks left, and I have many things due. At least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now.. 

PS. Don't forget to enter the Beso contest :)


Only the sweetest words remain

Do you like lace for this spring/summer? I kind of always liked that tan skin/white dress combo. Right now I'm still pasty, but maybe I can get this look once I get some sun in Australia. 
 The shoes were twelve dollars. And they are rather comfy.

shoes from urban behavior, dress from stitched and adorned, bag from chicwish.



No one wastes time quite like I do

Leather knee patches <33 This outfit felt a little blah, kind of thrown together at last minute. But now looking back, I rather like it because it's sort of casual but also has some cute details.
tights DIY, necklace from foxy originals, button up from clubcouture.

The necklace is from Foxy Originals - as I've told you guys before, it's made in canada :) It's a great layering piece and I like the fact that it has different components (the chains at the bottom, the tribal type squares leading up to the top).



Beso Giveaway

Hey guys! Great news - Beso is offering a really fun contest for you, my readers!
In the above collage you can see some of the summery sweet items that I selected from the Beso website to be part of my collection.
Now that the weather is good, and my vacation to Australia is quickly approaching, I decided to make a collection of wishlist items for the trip!

So here's how you enter the contest:
1. Go to Beso and create an account 

 2. Build your own shopping collection. To create a collection, search around the site and click the + symbol next to each product and select 'add to new collection'.
3. Comment below and share the link to your collection!

The prize is 100 dollars to spend towards your collection!

Also, please follow my blog as this is a giveaway for my readers :)
The contest is open to US and Canadian residents, 18 or older only! Contest ends on March 28.

Have fun guys!



Flightless Bird

I really enjoy finding new colour combinations. I tried orange/purple in 2011 in the fall (because those two colours together really remind of my Halloween) but I was surprised that a lighter purple also looked great with orange. I now love the pairing of burnt orange and lavender.

lavender bustier top and mocassins c/o LuLu*s, shorts c/o Romwe, sweater from urban behavior.
I officially love moccasin slip on shoes. These ones were a little big so I bought some in-soles and now they fit great!


Do you think time could pass us by?

I bought these heels for 12 dollars. No big deal. Sad thing was, at the store I was fighting with myself about whether or not to get them - even for that low price. I have a lot of shoes and I don't have many places to wear heels. But now I'm super happy I bought them. LOOK HOW WELL THEY GO WITH THIS OUTFIT. Perfect match, if I do say so myself.

body suit from motel rocks, skirt and hat from forever 21, shoes from suzy shier, cardigan gift from rai.

The leopard top is actually a body suit (from Motel Rocks) which I like because it fits neatly under anything high-waisted. I really love it but I suggest if you get it, go a size down. I got mine in a S/10 size (and I don't exactly have a tiny chest) and it's a little loose. No worries - that's why I have a sewing machine :)

& Lastly I'd like to share a wonderful cover to a wonderful song. Yeah I know it's from Twilight...awkward.



Watercolour in Spring

Yes, I went bare legged to school on friday and it wasn't even uncomfortable. Today it's supposed to be +28 here (unheard of in MARCH, WHAT'S GOING ON) and I'm going to chill in my friend's yard for the day :)

scarf c/o happy scarf, vinyl skirt c/o goodnight macaroon, jacket from costa blanca, shoes from aldo, top from forever 21.
Also, this was a bit ago, but this photo is stolen from my friend's instagram (and I don't show pictures from my day to day life very often and I think i should!). We went to this cafe restaurant thingo on Corydon called Cafe Fresh and if you live in Winnipeg you should go! It's all organic type of foods and their juices are freshly squeezed. I had the grilled cheese sandwich and Vicki had the salmon eggs benedict. ;)


Cranberry Wine

 I wore my red hat the other day to school. Love it, except when a gust of wind comes and I'm momentarily afraid of it flying off my head / public humiliation. (It almost happened but didn't thankfully hahah)
I think I love cranberry tones, even ones that are on the verge of being pink.
x x x x 

 wedge boots from romwe, dress from love, sweater from urban behavior, hat and feather necklace from forever 21.



Romwe is offering another great giveaway! (And this is the first of 3 giveaways I have for you guys in the next few weeks :D win win win)
What's up for grabs? 80 dollars in freebies towards their shop, and a surprise accessory!
The contest is international.

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As you may or may not know, for the last year Raimundo has been working on his store ACID REIGN. All t-shirts are screenprinted in Australia.

I thought I would share the newest tees with you!  Although they are mostly in men's sizes (the skinny love one is a girl's shirt), I still love to wear them because I like oversized shirts (especially in summer, tucked into denim shorts!) and also they are super comfy.

I think more guys in Winnipeg should dress in stuff like this. I see way too many billabong and tapout t-shirts..........(I'll refrain from saying more).

Find all shirts and jumpers on the Acid Reign Shop.
Please "like" Acid Reign on facebook as well! Upcoming giveaways on there ;)

Oh, and I figured I would wear my cat tee today :D
cat shirt from acid reign, rings assorted, sweater thrifted, pants from american apparel, bow from my etsy shop.