Woops, I should be sleeping since I'm leaving at 6am tomorrow for Fiji, but I wanted to get a post in with other photos from Sydney.
Yesterday we went to Bondi/Bondi Pavillion but I didn't have my camera sadly (we will be going back). I really was overwhelmed with all the shops, but most of them were out of my price range. They were still fun to look through, and had tons of unique stuff.

The mall was OUT OF HAND. I've been to the Mall of America and West Edmonton Mall and this mall seemed wayyy bigger, probably because it had so many floors! There were so many women's clothing shops. I think I like Sportsgirl, Cotton On and Dotti the best. However, I still think a Forever 21 would do amazing here...most prices are quite high still and as you all know, forever 21 probably has the best prices around.

Also, to Rai's dismay I bought a pair of pants (seen in the photos below) from "Supre" which according to him, is not the best clothing store for girls haha, whateverrrr. I needed some pants because I didn't pack enough.

Then today we headed over this lovely park by his house. I really enjoyed walking around and exploring it - and the ducks were so cute!

 First scary bug i've seen here!!!

I loved this shop called Smiggle. I bought this owl notebook and licorice eraser.

Tried these Lindt macaroons for the first time.  They were good but I expected them to be better for some reason. They just reminded me of those cake oreo things.
shawl from Nectar, jeans from Supre, flats from Urban Behavior, top from Goodnight Macaroon

& Here was my outfit shot. I don't have many items of clothing here so I feel like I'm doing one of those wardrobe challenges where you only have 10 or so items haha. Should be fun.



Sydney: Day 1 and 2

G'day everyone ;) 
That's right, I'm in Australia, and that's how I have to talk now.
The way there was quite eventful, my flight from LA to Sydney was cancelled and I had to stay in LA for 24 hours...I didn't leave my hotel though, I kept thinking if I ventured out that I would get lost and miss my rescheduled flight haha.
Everything went smooth again once I was on the last flight - 15 hours! It really didn't feel that long. I watched 4 movies and slept mostly. The meals were quite good, surprisingly.

When I got to Sydney it was 7am, so I forced myself to stay awake until a normal bedtime so that I wouldn't get jetlag, and it worked great. Here are some photos from the first two days. We mostly wandered around one side of the harbour (not the side with the opera house) and went to the Sydney Aquarium.

I'm already noticing so many different things here compared to Canada. Maybe I will compile them into a post.

 First things first, meet Bocky, Rai's cat! I love him already.

This is mimi. 

Rai's mom and him set up a really comfy bedroom for me, complete with these "flake" chocolates which I love but can never find in Canada.
 Flowers that Rai greeted me with at the airport. Also below, a vintage bag from his mom!
Aquarium lego statue.

Penguins! These little guys were my favourite, they look so cute when they swim on the water like ducks.

The shark area was like a tunnel, so they swam above you.

More harbour! This time we walked over a bridge to the casino. I bet 5 dollars on a table and lost :( haha. Most of the tables were way too expensive though, I'm used to playing blackjack at 3 dollar tables in Winnipeg.

Oh and, here was an outfit shot from the first day :)
glasses from calico, top from forever 21, necklace c/o club couture, cardigan c/o LuLu*s, pants from American Apparel, shoes from spring.