Sit in the Garden

Went to the beach today...It was so hot, my face is burnt, and I cannot muster any commentary for today. Instead you should make up your own while browsing over these outfit photos from a few days ago.

 skirt c/o romwe, top from sirens, sunglasses from calico.


Red Summer

I love tapestry. Texture AND pattern? I'm in.
Since I like to wear booties this summer, these ones from LuLu*s are great.
Sorry about the slight blurriness, these photos were taken at 9:30pm so the sun was setting and it was a bit dark. And I hate flash. The bag is from Asian iCandy and is currently being used daily. It's been awhile since I carried such a large bag and I don't mind it one bit.
bag from asian icandy, boots from lulu*s, tights from flattery, top from sirens.


"See and Be Seen" Makeup Review

Today I will be reviewing the "see and be seen" kit from Anastasia of Beverly Hills! The packaging from Anastasia of Beverly Hills is never a disappointment. Their box designs are retro-inspired and have a pop-art vibe.

 The "see and be seen" kit contains four different products; The ILLUMIN8 Shadow duo, two HydraFull Gloss colours (Heiress and Plastic) and caramel tinted brow gel. The products are worth 80 dollars but the kit retails for 44 - and is only available for a couple more weeks at Sephora and Anastasia.net!

 The duo eyeshadow palette is my favourite item from the kit. I never go too bright with my makeup so the brown shimmering pigments are a perfect addition to my makeup bag. Although I've only tried the eyeshadows once now and can't report on it, the shadows are made to sooth and soften your skin. I used Urban Decay primer potion before applying the eyeshadow. In the same go of using the eyeshadows, I tried out the brow gel.

I applied the lighter colour all over my lid and did a shadow effect with the darker colour, blending it into the outer corner of my eyelid. I think the colours go well with my skin tone/hair colour, and are also light and pretty enough to wear during the summer without feeling like you're wearing super heavy makeup. The eyeshadows had minimal fallout and went on smoothly and with plenty of pigment. I didn't need to go over my eyelid a million times to get the colour to stick. I would give the shadows 10/10

The brow gel's colour didn't do much for me since I use Anastasia of Beverly Hill's brow wax and shadow beforehand, and my shade is darker than caramel. Also the tip of the gel is like a mascara wand, so it's difficult not to get the tinted gel everywhere since it's kind of large. However, the gel did help to keep my eyebrows in place but I can't decide if I like the slightly hardened texture they give my brows. At least I won't have to adjust my eyebrows though, so I give the product a 6.5/10.

Next up to try was the two lipglosses. They have a paintbrush type of tip that is fun to apply with (maybe it's just me, but I feel like a geisha girl haha). The gloss is thick but the colour doesn't go on too heavy. Out of the two colours, I liked the pink tone (Plastic) better because it felt a bit more summery. I think Heiress would be great to wear out at night though. The lipglosses are advertised to maximize lip hydration and fullness. I think they definitely made my lips look and feel fuller.

Heiress (above), has a rosey red tint to it and is significantly darker than Plastic. I guess you could say it is the slightly more mature colour.
Plastic is much more youthful. It isn't tacky to the point of frosted pink but has just enough sweetness. 
The con of the lipglosses is that I found them to be super sticky. I wouldn't recommend going out with your hair down on a windy day, or kissing your cat's fur with this stuff on.
Therefore, I give the glosses 7.5/10.

Overall, I really enjoyed reviewing these products and I will definitely be using them beyond this review. 
Before I end this post, I thought I would show the other cute item that was sent with the kit!
 Cool huh?! The slides are little advertisements for Anastasia of Beverly Hills.



Lovelysally Giveaway!

Here's a great way to wrap up June. Lovelysally, the featured sponsor of the month, is offering my readers a pair of their best selling leggings (and the pair I wore): SILENT SMOKE.
 And how can you win? Easy!

First, be a follower of my blog.
Third, leave a comment with your name and email.

The contest will run until July 1st, 11:59 pm.



my favourite drink

Anyone who knows a thing about me knows my favourite drink.
The one, the only...
 Admittedly, I will drink Pepsi if there's no Coca-Cola available, but it's not preferred in any way. Coke is so much more authentic tasting and fizzy.
I'm seriously against diet coca-cola or any other variation. But diet especially, it tastes like bubble gum.

Needless to say, I was pretty happy when I received this coca-cola shirt from Chicwish. There's nothing more I love during the summer than chilling on my deck/at the beach/anywhere hot with an ice cold coca-cola. If it's in a bottle, all the better ( my work sells the bottles, it's the best). Next preference would be a fountain drink with lots of ice cubes, then a can, then the dreaded plastic bottle. Oh god I sound obsessed.

The mint green bag was a sweet find at value village. 

 top c/o chicwish, cardigan c/o lulu*s, shorts from forever 21, shoes from spring.


Flattery: A Style History

I often get emails from fellow fashion-lovers wanting to know how I got the style I have today, and how they can achieve their own personal style. Well, let me tell you. It wasn't easy for me. Today I present you with a summarized style history.

I'm going to do you all a favour and skip the grade 7/8 gothic phase. Thankfully there aren't many photos of that anyways.

The next style for me began in the summer between grade 8 and 9...Back then we called it scene.  Today I don't know what to call it other than the style of sheer horror. Within this style there were many phases.

Okay, I actually remember taking this photo when I got my first scene haircut (short, choppy with blond chunks). And I had my scene bandana, and even some band pins. Wasn't I cool.
This outfit would have been worn with skinny jeans (but really, skinny jeans were extremely hard to find back then. I would buy jeans and sew them to be skin tight).

 This was about half way through my scene style. I had adopted new things. I no longer wore bandanas, but I shopped frequently at thrift stores. The shirt underneath is polka dot and I remember it was from value village. The sweater I wore all the time and featured gun bullets and guns down the sleeves. That was a popular scene thing. I even had pink gun earrings. For some reason during this time I adopted chunky high-top nikes instead of the usual scene slip-on vans. I...I don't even know. The piano belt speaks for itself.

The next phase was strange. It was now cool for scene girls to be a little more girly - wear cute prints(see: tree print), chunky costume jewelry, flats instead of sneakers...My hairstyle was slightly different too. I think at this point I became slightly better at doing my makeup too. Urg. The blonde was back, but only in two streaks.

I remember wearing a lot of different beads too. And pointy black flats - those were all the rage. 

I don't know how, or why. But somehow this phase evovled. Suddenly, I was buying guess purses and dressing slightly...I don't know how to describe it - trashy? I had a sudden obsession with pink and gold. Not only that, I liked combining ghastly colours to make them clash. I liked cheesy clothing items. I made necklaces out of cardboard and felt (see: bat necklace). Everything had to be loud and gaudy - and even shiny. I think this entire phase was fuelled by a girl on myspace named Kiki Kannibal who somewhat started the trend or at least helped spread it.

 This merged slightly with my next phase, which was still a bit scene but wayyy tond down. I also liked "Harajuku" style (like, lolita I guess) but I never really dressed myself in it much. I really enjoyed this sweater from Gwen Stefani's brand though.

At the end of grade 12 and as I entered university, I was obsessed with the show Gossip Girl. I decided I wanted to dress like Blair Waldorf. Thus entered a totally new style. This was when I joined chictopia. Below to the right is my very first outfit post. 
I started buying shiny dress shirts and loved leopard. I got an asymmetrical hair cut that was much less scene and a bit more grown up. And I actually began wearing heels during this time - even to school! I bought a crapload of bow headbands/clips and coloured leggings - which would haunt me for years to come.

 At some point, things started to change. I think I got sick of dressing entirely formal and romantic looking. I was still inspired by gossip girl but it got pretty confused and bad. I don't mind the outfit below on the left, but the one on the right is atrocious.

There were many weird choices throughout - some which I liked, some which I didn't. One day I decided I liked Emma Pillsbury from Glee's style and almost discarded all my clothing for a cheesy teacher wardrobe. Eek. (See: right photo.)

 Slowly but surely, I think my outfits became better - or at least that's how i view it currently. I think they became a little more balanced and detailed. I think your style can develop and over time you get a better eye for matching different things together. I also stopped getting a definite "icon" (no Blair Waldorf, no Emma Pillsbury) and sort of just trying dressing in a way that was more casual and relaxed, while still mixing in the occasional feminine piece. 

 That being said, I'm sure 2 or 3 years from now I will be calling my style of 2012 'the style of sheer horror'. So what is the moral of the story? No matter what you do, you are a fashion disaster. No no no, I think that the moral of the story is that you should have fun with fashion and have fun with as many phases as you wish. Keep trying new things if you want to. Don't be afraid to change, and don't be afraid to make a fashion mistake. Personally I think it is inevitable. Being a blogger, I'm able to properly track these ill-steps and laugh about them later. Or cry.



etsy update

I've updated my etsy with pretty summer pieces.

And remember those jeggings with the heart patches from this post? Many people were requesting them, so I've decided to start selling them. They are available in size small, medium or large.  


PS. I've also updated my closet shop


time flies, time dies

Ugh. Why does life have to involve choices? I swear, I have never been good at making choices.
Well here's some photos of a rather plain outfit. 
lace cardigan and shorts from value village, top from romwe, shoes from lulu*s



Don't Leave Me Tongue-Tied

I now have instagram - follow me @ _flattery 
 :) :) :)
I wore this outfit to go shopping in the exchange district with Leo and Vicki. I picked up a few things for my room decor - like a vintage suitcase & cloth and an antler!

The boots are new from Spring (sales, yay). I don't normally wear boots in the summer but I think having those other vintage ones have put me in the mood to wear them.  It definitely helps to create a more laid back look. Oh yeah, and the dress was a bit long so I decided to tie it off to the side.
 dress from romwe, boots from spring, lace cardigan from lulu*s.