Les Artistes

This is the outfit I wore out for my birthday dinner with my family. We went to the Keg which is by far, my favourite restaurant. I order Crab Legs and Steak every time. 
The teal bracelet was my gift from my sister & i love it. It went perfect with this watercolor blouse from Romwe. The purse was a gift from my mom and dad - Matt and Nat. I love the brand. Apparently this bag was made with 21 recycled bottles.


skirt c/o ianywear, top c/o romwe, cuff from forever 21, bag from matt and nat, shoes from spring.

other gifts from my friends & family. thank you all <33 


21st Birthday

I had my 21st birthday on Friday and it was a blassst. I had my friends over on my deck to pre-drink before we took a limo to Whiskey Dix. Talking to my friend online one day, we randomly decided I should decorate my deck...The theme we came up with was trash meets south western. My vision was some kind of trailer in the middle of a desert. SO random but fun. I went to value village and got all sorts of creepy items. 
For food/drinks I made jello shots (with cherries!), stuffed mushrooms, some kind of pesto baguette & fruit dip (chocolate and marshmellow dip). Sadly I was in a bit of a rush that day so I didn't get many photos.  You can't really see my outfit, but I wore a gold top tied at the front and a leopard skirt.

Thanks to all my great friends for an amazing birthday! Sadly many of them ended up with injury afterward...Why does that always happen? Haha, nothing serious this time though.


Product Review: Smartbuy Glasses

Today I will be reviewing a pair of sunglasses from Smartbuy Glasses! The online shop sells designer sunglasses for discounted prices. I liked the options they offer while browsing (you can search by shape, colour etc). It was hard to pick, but eventually I chose these Vogue cat-eye sunglasses to review! 

Shipping was very fast, and the items came nicely packed in a small/medium size box. The sunglasses came with a hard case, soft case, cleaner/cleaner cloth, and a little tool to fix any loose screws that may happen over years of wear. I appreciated that, since I had a similar tool for my actual glasses and found it really useful.

 The sunglasses were very close to the photographer on the website, although the first image of the sunglasses that came up on the website appeared more brown rather than red. The rest of the photos are exactly the same as the actual product though. The pair I chose has a sort of faded pink effect on the front frame, as you can see above. Pretty.

The quality of these sunglasses is great. You can really tell when you're wearing sunglasses that have a bit better quality because they actually block out the sun without making it look like it's night.

I have no complaints about these sunglasses and give them an A+! 

Whether you're looking for aviator sunglasses, wayfarers, or some sweet cat-eyes like these, I would definitely recommend Smartbuy Glasses.



New Slang

This necklace is so cool.
I might wear it for my birthday this friday - I'm still trying to put together an outfit for that. I'm going to be having friends over and then going to a nightclub. Can't wait! Of course I'll try to take some photos.

I also love my old man loafers. Like my mom said, they look like they could be from my grandpa's closet...Personally I don't think he would have gone anywhere near leopard print and tassels. 

necklace and loafers c/o lulu*s, top from sirens, shorts c/o chicwish

I leave you with my current favourite song.
Happy Birthday to my biggest fan (well, it's either him or mom...competition is fierce). 
Have a great day dad & love you! :))



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I want to collect everything feather-print.
dress c/o darling, denim top from romwe.



On Wednesday my friends and I went to the Full Flex Tour (pretty much a bunch of dubstep artists, but the main one was Skrillex). It was outside and fairly hot, so that slightly dictated what I wore. I wanted to dress a bit grungy for the event, so I tried distressing jean shorts. They were originally from forever 21 with minimal distress. I cut them shorter and ran scissors along the bottom hem repeatedly until there were enough frays. I tried bleaching them in a bucket of water and bleach but that did nothing - it was my mom who actually got them to be this pale blue colour after SCRUBBING them with bleach! Thanks ma.

I went out and bought a bunch of bracelets to layer...The wooden one is from value village, the feather one from Nectar, the hand/eyeball ones are from aldo, and the one with multiple strands of beads is from forever 21.
top and bag from forever 21, bandeau from garage, shoes from spring. 

 Thanks to Mylaine for being our pre-game photographer, nicole and my mom for driving us ! :)

The show was super fun, except for Vicki broke her leg way before the concert actually began. Word of advice: do not tackle people.
Get well Vick!



Woven, Crochet, Lace

I love the textures of summer fashion. Lace is light and airy enough for hot summer days, but also feminine and romantic. 

Crochet can be boho, girly or vintage and offers depth/detail for more casual outfits. Crochet tops are especially great for throwing over a bathing suit or bandeau.

Braids and woven textures on any item of clothing - whether it be bracelets, bags or shoes - are a personal favourite for this summer season.

Chicwish, my featured sponsor for the month, has great selections on these trends. So far I own the crochet shorts in white, and they are definitely one of my most worn item so far this summer. 

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Etsy Update

This is what I've been busy with - creating new skirts and styles for the summer season - and also a few which will merge you right into fall :)
I found the most amazing watercolour print fabrics and the skirts I've produced from are some of my all time favourites.

See anything you like? Use the coupon 'LoveFlattery2012' for 10 percent off your purchase ! The coupon is valid from July 18th - July 25th, so be sure to take advantage of the offer if you fancy a skirt.

I've also lowered International/Canada shipping after experimenting with packaging and finding a cheaper way !

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All skirts above can be found on flattery etsy.


Born to gaze into night skies

My favourite thing to wear in the summer...DENIM SHORTS! Surprise, surprise. Often I feel too dressy wearing skirts, and denim shorts go with, duh, everything.  
 When I was in Australia I really wanted to buy shorts by a company called One Teaspoon (see below) but unfortunately their shorts are a wee bit too expensive for me to feel good about buying (for now). I prefer to buy jeans from Value Village and then just cut them into shorts - plus you can find the best high-waisted mom jeans there, wooo. 
1,2,3 from one teaspoon, 4 from marc jacobs, 5 from miss selfridge, 6 from ksubi

The shorts I'm wearing in this outfit are a bit fancier & from garage, though were only about 30 dollars. I wore this outfit to the local bar for Wing Night. I honestly can never pick an outfit to wear to this bar because it's superrr casual most times and I don't like to wear just jeans and a top, but also don't want to look overdressed. I think this outfit fit pretty well though. The light sweater is suitable for the slightly cooler summer days/nights - and has sweet lace shoulder ventilation!
shorts from garage, moccassins from spring, sweater c/o iAnyWear.