Anastasia of Beverly Hills Product Review

Anastasia of Beverly Hills never disappoints in terms of packaging, and this is no exception! A day ago I received this lovely little parcel to do a review on. 

The She Wears it Well eyeshadow palette is inspired by the 1930's - an era known for it's classic and feminine makeup looks. The palette has a mirror, a professional dual brush (one of the sides is flat wide brush for blending, the other is more pointed for definition).
I loved the variety of hues available in this palette - Trophy, Glow, Latte, Foxy, Sunset, Frosting, Almond, Onyx and Toffee. It's definitely my style - all neutrals. some have more blushy tones while others are closer to creams/whites. The eye shadow formula has 'Youthful Synergy Complex' which hydrates your skin. All shadows can be worn wet or dry.

Along with my parcel were these cards! Each one features a beautiful vintage fashion illustration on one side, and eyeshadow ideas on the other. I really like all the ideas, but for my review I decided to just wing it and do my usual type of style. 

The pigment of the shadows were pretty good, although I think you definitely should use an eyeshadow primer to have the shadows work best. I used Urban Decay's primer potion. I swept "sunset" all over my lid, and then put foxy and a touch of onyx in the corner/crease fo my eye for a slightly vintage and dramatic look - one of my favourites!

Overall I give the eyeshadow palette an A! I know I will be using it until it runs out. The colours are so perfect for day to day looks but also for more dramatic night looks. 
I guess that means I "wore it well!" :D Click here for the palette.

You've got my heart

I have a lot of these heart patch leggings ready to post on Etsy in the next couple of days! For now I've put up these maroon ones. Perfect for the coming season, if you ask me! Buy them here.

I usually don't get the glitter/sequin bug this far away from Christmas, but I got it...Love this clutch from Oh My Frock. It's one of those floppy type of clutches that you can fold over. 

 leggings from flattery, top from sirens, clutch c/o oh my frock, shoes from le chateau.

More glitter stuff I'm craving while randomly browsing Aldo's new arrivals.

shoes both from aldo. 


Left and Leaving

One style I've always appreciated is asymmetrical jackets. I was keeping my eye out for a leather one but this beige baby from shopakira has ended my search.
I paired it with brown vintage-inspired booties and my beloved floral skirt (yep, it's back for another round).
& As for collar-necklaces, I'm still into them! This metal one is super unique, and contrasts the more girly ones made of crochet or lace that you normally see.

boots from romwe, skirt from forever 21, jacket c/o shopakira, necklace c/o lalamagic.


Often I barely can speak

End of summer outfit. My summer was good, but I always wish it was a little longer. Even though it's still occasionally pretty hot out, I find I'm no longer in the mood for typical summer stuff like the beach. Weird. 
The back detail in this blouse really makes the piece.

blouse c/o ianywear, bag from garage, shorts c/o chicwish


Giveaway time!

What a way to celebrate the last month(s) of summer. You, my readers, have the chance to win these Ran Bay Aviators  courtesy of SmartBuyGlasses.

Please be a follower of my blog in some way, shape or form before entering! You need to have a twitter to enter this, as well.

Here's how:
1. Like SmartBuyGlasses Canada: http://www.facebook.com/SmartBuyGlasses.ca
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 3. On the SmartBuyGlasses Twitter, answer to this question : "what's your favourite pair of sunglasses"?

The contest will run for one week, ending September 3rd, 11:59 pm! 
Good luck gals and guys. 


I stumbled upon you

hat, boots and skirt from forever 21, top c/o romwe, bag c/o west 49.

Since this outfit features an item from one of my sponsors; ROMWE, I might as well tell you about the sweet upcoming sale.

Starting tomorrow and going until August 31st, Romwe will be having its summer clearance sale where you can get up to 60 percent off. 

AS AN ADDED BONUS, if you spend 70 dollars you can enter coupon code clearance15% and get an extra 15 percent your already discounted items. SHOP NAOW.




You know, I have a lot of accessories and jewelry but one thing I have never invested in is a wrist watch. I wasn't even aware of the selection out there. I often avoided or completely ignored the watch section on online stores. So today, when I decided to look around, I was amazed at all the sweeet watches available.

left to right, top to bottom:
I still haven't decided which wristwatch I'm going to save up for yet, but I think it's between the deer, world map, wooden, and b watch (if they get it back in stock.)
Which would you choose?


All that copper glowing fine

Recently I got the opportunity to shop at West 49 for the perfect fall look with a 100 dollar gift certificate! West 49 sells mostly 'skate' brands, but the girl's section has become increasingly dressy and less sporty. 

Immediately I knew I had to have the aztec fringe cardigan (Billabong) and I paired it with a little crossbody bag (Roxy). I love the details on each item, and they surely make great autumn transitional pieces. I already know the cardigan is going to be worn aaaloottt this fall because the material is so soft and comfy. Plus it has orange/brown colouring in the print and I'm looking forward to wearing those colours quite a bit.

 bag and sweater c/o West 49, skirt from forever 21, top from garage.

Oh yeah, and if you spend 100 dollars on lady's apparel you get a free totebag, designed by Element's first Canadian Advocate, Juliana Neufeld. I got the owl one!
You can also buy them for 12.99 if you don't spend the 100 dollars.


I will wait for days

I wore this outfit to go shopping a few days ago :)) I got a compliment on the leggings which was nice.

Guess what? I got hired at the place I had an interview with :)) I now have a full time job, starting in a couple of weeks! I'm both nervous and excited. It's time to start a new chapter in life. I've never had a full time job before, so that will be an adjustment in itself. Also, I got very used to my Deli job and I think I will miss the familiarity/ease of it. And of course the people. But I can't work in a Deli all my life when I know that I'd be happiest to work in fashion - even if it means stepping out of my comfort zone.   

top c/o shopakira, leggings from flattery, hat from forever 21. 


Meow Mix

You know what? I'm just going to say it. Cats are always in style. Enjoy these cool-cat finds.

 left to right, top to bottom:
 cat dress
cat wedges 
cat ring
cat leopard loafers
pink cat dress
cat sweater
cat clutch
cat tee shirt
cat rings


Cinder Sky

It feels like awhile since I've blogged!
New car. WOOHOO. My old one was unbelievably rusted. It got me through my last year of highschool and my entire time at university, and I actually loved it, but the poor tucker couldn't hang in there.
This week, I've been moving EVERYTHING out of my room so that my dad can paint it. Oh my lord. I didn't know I had so many things. It's crazy once you get through all the layers and drawers. I'm definitely going to go through everything and get rid of stuff I don't need.
♥ I have a job interview tomorrow. I'm a little nervous but mostly excited! It's for a really cute boutique. I would love to get started on my first job in fashion, and also my first full time job!
Anyway, that's about it! These photos were taken right as it was starting to rain, but I didn't mind. I like rain except when I'm planning to go to the beach or something. Can you tell I'm transitioning to autumn? Summer seemed so short. This little metal ponytail holder from Goodkoop added a really unique detail to my outfit.

ponytail holder c/o goodkoop, shorts and denim top c/o romwe, black tube top from garage.

If you are going to shop on Romwe (where my denim overtop and shorts are from), here are some coupons you could use:



Obsessive Compulsive Review

Good evening folks!
Tonight I will be doing a quick review on Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar from shopAkira.

I selected the colour 'grandma'. See other colours here. I would love to add Vintage and Harlot to my collection!
While the name suggests a sludgy texture, I would actually describe it more as ... a wet chalk? As hard as it is to describe, the texture is certainly unique and I like it.

I wore the lip tar out to dinner and a movie. I really loved how the slightly coral tone matched with the other pinky hues in my outfit, and contrasted them slightly. The lip tar stayed on my lips and I didn't have to reapply often. 

 Overall, I give the product an A. Why not an A+? Well, the packaging could be a little bit more original. 

top from chicwish, necklace from runwild, runfree, gold necklace from LuLu*s.



Everything's just wonderful

Gold, orange, tangerine hues.

blouse c/o miss patina, skirt c/o windsor, shoes from spring.