Nuit Blanche

Last night, I decided to go to some Nuit Blanche events with a couple of my friends.
Part of Culture Days, Nuit Blanche was one all-night event full of culture and art. 

I took advantage of one of the Mad Men themed events and dressed up. The era itself was a little puzzling to me, as the show takes place in the early 1960's - but is BEFORE the more characteristic trends of the 1960's were around ( Such as Mod style, Twiggy, etc! ) 

So from my understanding, it was in between those 1960's trends and the trends of the 50's. Hemlines were higher and silhouettes were beginning to change. 1950's inspired makeup was still popular, such as red lips and cat eyes. 
The fashion on the show Mad Men is also quite office-wear oriented. 

I really enjoy learning about the fashion of different eras. 

I decided to wear my dress from Miss Patina and some simple heels. I'm not much of a hair stylist but I figured my 'do was at least hinting towards retro.

My favourite parts of the evening was the 70's/80's rock music video singalong and the random gang of denim-clad singing gentlemen. The evening was completed with a delicious poutine from Winnipeg's Smoke's Poutinerie! 



Western Boots

I can't get enough of western-inspired boots right now. Browsing the women's shoes at Westfield, I came cross these beauties. 

You can't go wrong with black. I especially enjoy the elongated, pointed toe - which really takes the western inspiration to the next level! I can imagine both these boots paired with sheer black tights, a pleated skirt, a sheer blouse and a chunky knit scarf. Click here for pair 1, and here for pair 2.

The colours of these remind me of grapes or apples! Both these colours are big for me this season. The second pair is probably less obviously inspired by the west, having more of a desert shoe feel...but I think it's the heel that still offers it a bit of country influence. Click here for pair one, and here for pair two.

Lastly I found these two brown/taupe pair of women's boots! The small studded detailing on the first pair gives it a bit of a twist, while the second returns to a more classic western look. I like how it fades darker at the toe, giving it a worn, rustic appearance. Click here for pair one, and here for pair two.

If you're looking to shop for women's shoes online, I have a little tip for you...Shop on Australian websites! Now that they are gearing into summer, most of the fall and winter stuff is on sale as they bring in new arrivals of their spring/summer product.



In that dream moving slow through the morning

Like I needed another red coat...But the classic look of this one is totally different from my other red jackets. 

Asian iCandy's double breasted coat features a large lapel and embossed, detailed buttons. 

My outfit actually reminds me of the 1960's - definitely because of the knee-high boot/skirt combination. And the bag is pretty retro too! You can change the bag's strap to make it into a shoulder back pack, but I opted for the purse style since I'm not a student anymore. 

jacket, sweater and bag c/o asian icandy, skirt from wet seal, boots c/o aldo



Autumn Cosmetics from Sephora

I was browsing Sephora last night and compiled a little list of make up I hope to own this season (or wish to own. It's fun to dream.). 

Up first, the Spice Market nail polish set! While I usually opt for cheap nail polish from Forever 21, there's no denying that OPI is better quality. I love the colour concept behind this set. It mixes everything I'm into right now - oranges and deep red hues, along with a touch of metallic and sparkle. 

I haven't tried this lipstick yet, but it stood out to me when I was actually at the Sephora store last week, and stood out again online. I appreciate the wood grain container with a painted design. I have never tried this brand before but I will definitely do a review if I end up getting it. Both of these red tones are perfect for the colder months, when my tan fades and I return to being ol' ghosty Breanne.

I usually use eye shadows for highlighting, but this shimmer pencil by Anastasia of Beverly Hills could be fun and equally as effective in highlighting the eye area. I once had a white MAC eye liner that I used to open up my eye area by applying to the lash line, and I think this would work in a similar way.

Last is a skin care product! I've been looking for a mask for awhile. While this product is pretty expensive, it has great reviews. I'm looking for something that will gently exfoliate my skin and make it feel smooth, refreshed and glowing afterwards - WITHOUT drying it out! Once the temperature drops in the fall, my skin tends to be even drier. It's probably the cold weather and harsh wind that affects my skin. 

Tell me your current cosmetic wishlist in the comments!


We were like dust on the window

skirt c/o dahlia, sweater, jacket and scarf thrifted, boots c/o romwe.

I would be lying if I said I always felt 100 percent confident with every outfit I put together. Noticing how we could improve is the way we grow.

But occasionally you get that outfit you really do feel that way about. 

It might be the cinnamon sparkle sweater, or the laser cut skirt, or maybe the printed scarf - but I felt really good in this outfit! I didn't wear it anywhere special, just out to run some errands. It was the perfect casual fall outfit. Do you ever get that feeling when an outfit just clicks?



Take it Easy

An easy, comfortable fall look. 
This scarf has all the colours I love, including pea soup green. Yes, I like pea soup green. I've never tried pea soup though ( I don't like very many soups to begin with! ) 

cardigan from the gap, pants and necklace from lulu*s, shirt from awwdore, scarf thrifted.



Rumble by Jeffrey Campbell is one of the many shoes on my current wishlist. I can't decide which colour I would go for. While I would be fine with having the whole collection, realistically I'd probably choose the green, leather brown or leather black. Ankle booties are big this year, and the reason 

The height of the ankle bit and the almond-shaped toe is just right. I prefer a chunky heel as it gives it a bit of a vintage look.  The back zipper/tie adds a touch of detail to the shoe. 

I lost my touch for walking in heels, but I think this pair actually looks pretty easy to walk in/comfortable.

Which colour would you go for? Find the shoes here.


Thanks for all your words of encouragement in regards to my last post. I really appreciate all your comments and advice!


The Fortune Teller

I've had a lot of time on my hands, which means lots of time to blog! This outfit was from a couple days ago when I went out with some friends. I'm already enjoying layering my clothing. My scarf collection has extended to include all sorts of paisley print, and I'm sticking to my colour theme so far (golds, oranges, browns,etc).

 The combination of pattern and metallic (see the shawl here) really reminded me of some kind of fortune teller. Possible career? 

shawl c/o sway, scarf thrifted, shorts c/o romwe, necklace c/o club couture.

And why, you might ask, do I have a lot of time on my hands and why am I considering a career in Divination?

Well, it's about time to talk about my current situation! I kinda wanted to wait until there was a resolution but I suppose you can come along on the journey.

Never, since I was 16, have I been unemployed! My first job was at A&W (fast food. The BEST fast food, I might add!) as a cook. Yeah, I was greasy EVERY TIME I worked! No one can say that working in fast food is easy. Ours was one of the busiest in the province/western Canada and we had to work fast. I learned a lot of skills working there like how to manage my time and just general work ethic. I stayed for over two years.

My next job was at Montana's, which is a steak/rib type of restaurant. I was hired as a hostess. I decided to only stay there for a couple of months for a few different reasons. First, they only gave me 3 hour shifts and I was often sent home early. I live quite far so gas was a big issue. Second, it was slower work than what I was used to. I loved to bus tables on busy nights rather than just stand at the front. 

Instead I got a job in a supermarket as a deli clerk. It was the perfect job to get through school with, as it was unionised so I could pretty much pick and choose when and how often I wanted to work. The hours were great, and I didn't have to drive far to get there. I worked there for almost 3.5 years! Even though I didn't exactly love the work itself, it was hard to quit because it comfortable. However, I kept telling myself that now that I was graduated, I needed to find a full time job that was meaningful and could possibly help towards my future! My train of thought was basically this: I'm interested in one day working in the fashion industry. I'm not sure what, but maybe owning a shop in Winnipeg? 

So I decided I would try to get a job in a small boutique and see if I could learn anything valuable. It was definitely within reach, compared to other fashion routes I could have attempted to find in Winnipeg.

I was hired on at a boutique and had a lot of high hopes, most of which were probably very unrealistic. I'm not sure if it was bad luck or bad circumstances, but I disliked it after the second shift. I never realized how much boredom could get to me, but being told to stand and do nothing for 8 hours made me crazy. I wanted to feel productive at my new full-time job...I would ask for things to do, but was told there was nothing to do! I couldn't believe it. Was this really how working in a boutique was? 

Things got slightly better after a few shifts, though not by much. I still felt unfulfilled by the work that I decided I would rather spend my time looking for a new job. 

During the time I was disliking the job, I applied for new jobs. I got a interview for a job that seemed...absolutely perfect. It was a Mon-Fri full time (9-5) job and was close to my house. It was a BLOGGING position, and a copywriter for some kind of retail site. It seemed perfect. Until it wasn't. I'm proud of the decision I made not to take the position. I fought with myself over it...What was the problem, you ask? Well, it was a company that sold real fur products. Not just one or two products within a store...ALL FUR! And rugs made of polar bears! I guess I hadn't really thought about where I stood on the industry until it came up in my face. I tried to research it and tried to justify that the fur industry isn't so bad. There were some compelling debates and arguments I came across, but none that were great enough to convince me to do it. I know me not taking the job isn't going to change the fact that someone else will, but I couldn't have it be me. It would eat at my conscious to promote real fur for a living.

So now I am unemployed. I feel a bit out of my element, but I am actively trying to find a job that I will enjoy. It's a bit scary, not knowing when that will happen. I've come to terms with the fact that eventually if it doesn't happen, I will have to take something I don't exactly like to make money for the time being. People living in Winnipeg will understand when I say that there aren't many creative opportunities here. I've opened myself up to things slightly outside of fashion - anything to do with marketing, advertising, etc. These sectors interest me because they involve things I love - graphics, writing and creativity. 

For now all I can do is stay positive and keep looking :) You never know what type of job or opportunity could pop up or present itself!

 I'm trying to identify the things that matter most to me in a job. I'd like to have it be something I feel is meaningful work and keeps me busy and engaged. 

Wish me luck. Feel free to share your stories in the job world or offer words of wisdom!


New Autumn Items on my Etsy

Changes are afoot here at Flattery! Of course there's my new header. I took an outline of a deer head, filled it in with a cute orange pattern, and then added in the watercolour brushes in the background with the help of my wacom tablet. I also changed some of the colour scheme on my blog and the sidebar links. Now you can find all my social media links under the "ABOUT" on my sidebar! FAQ coming soon.

In addition, I'm working hard to get out some great pieces out for this fall season on Shop Flattery etsy.

Orange and brown hues are a recurring theme in my shop. I've salvaged many vintage fabrics, so if you believe in recycling, this line is for you. I'm also introducing some of my vintage finds such as the Once Upon a Raincoat jacket - which is a really quality piece.

Take a look at some of the items I've listed, both handmade and vintage.

The last listing is a new option I'm offering. If you need a special size or require a special colour, click this option. I have the above three colours in stock (forest green, light mustard yellow and plum) and can get access to pretty much any other colour request. 

& As always, if you want one of the above skirts in another size, I can check my fabric stock to see if I can make you your custom size.

All skirts found in my Etsy shop. Click here to shop!

 Thanks everyone for your support. If you find something you like, use the coupon code LoveFlattery2012 for 10 percent discount.


The In-Between

I don't really enjoy talking about weather...but the title of this post comes from the weather in between summer and fall. It's sunny, but the air is crisp and fresh. You can wear skirts (sans tights) and sweaters together in complete harmony.

 wavy textured sweater c/o awwdore, earrings c/o ianywear, skirt from forever 21, boots from romwe.



Sometimes whimsical, sometimes cute, sometimes dark.
Owls have been quite popular for the past year, and I can tell that trend is continuing on!
The wide eyed critter has always been special to me, due to my love for Harry Potter, so I'm pretty happy to see them in so many stores. I had to resist buying everything owl-related when I was decorating my room.

Of all owl-inspired product and garb, this has to be the one of the best and most unique ideas I've come across.. 

 I'm so in love! Would you wear your nails like this? I think it's genius.
Found on Coewlesspolish (which has the most amazing polish art ever)


Peasant Song

I wore a slightly altered version of this outfit to work the other day. Instead of this sweater, I wore a sheer black blouse. But when I came home, I remembered that I had bought this sweater from Forever 21 a while ago and hadn't had a chance to wear it yet! So I swapped it for the blouse. It fits better with the outfit, as the pants are high-rised and the length of the sweater shows that off.
I think this outfit has a good balance of plain items and more busy items (ie; purse and shoes).  & Doesn't it scream FALL? My favourite season ♥ 

 My pants are actually classified as "jeggings" by Dittos! They are comfortably snug on me. These jeggings fit true to your regular size. I took a 24.

The gold bracelet and hand bracelet are gifts from my sister. She went to New York and brought me back all sorts of goodies! I think I'll have to visit there one day.

shoes & pants c/o LuLu*s, top from forever 21, bag c/o oh my frock.


Fall Favourites from Asian iCandy

Take a look at some of my favourite autumn pieces from the newly revamped 

Everyone needs a variety of cozy sweaters for the autumn chill, but I especially love more detailed sweaters - whether it be braided embellishments, cut-outs or diamond woven textures. I'd love to style the Diamond Cut Sweater this fall.

Although I'm not going back to school, I still can't resist the urge to add to my collection of satchels. Asian iCandy's academic satchel is perfect for those returning to studies and also those with shameless bag addictions (me).

Try this metal feather hair clip for above a ponytail on busy work/school days for a simple, monochromatic and feminine addition to your outfit.

If the feather isn't exactly your style, try this ultra-girly lace bow clip. I love teal and jewel tones in the colder months and the added ribbons are just my taste.

My last pick is the Polka Dot Capri. The fit is casual while the print lends a feminine and vintage twist. I'd wear them rolled up with oxford flats or heels and an oversized sweater.

Visit Asian iCandy for all these & more! The prices are completely reasonable and you can use coupon code 'firstorder' to get 20 percent off your first purchase. Have fun! :)


Nothing is better than a little shopping trip with mom. While some people like to keep it simple for something like shopping, I see it as an excuse to get out and about. Why not dress up too? 
Winnipeg might not have ocean views, but sometimes you can find little pretty areas like this to take outfit shots around.

My neutral/monotone outfit features this back-button dress from LalaMagic. I love surprise details on seemingly simple dresses - although I'm not entirely sure I would even classify the front of this dress as plain. I think the subtle lace bust and pleated skirt make for the perfect balance of interest.
It's about that time for my oxford flats to come out. I think they will still be around for this coming fall but not so much as in the last few years.

asymmetrical jacket c/o shopakira, dress c/o lalamagic.

& What did I get from my shopping trip?
Well, I had a Sephora gift card from my birthday (Thanks sis) so I decided to go with liquid foundation, primer and last but not least - the new Lady Gaga Perfume - FAME Black Fluid.
I really like it because it's different from all my other perfumes. Black Fluid has a  richer, spicier scent to it while still remaining quite feminine.