The Cheetah

I love Halloween. Last year I dressed up as an owl and I'm continuing the animal trend this year with a cheetah. Although I do not have any step by step instructions for you, my costume was very easy to put together/make.

First, I ordered a leopard jumpsuit from ebay. It was only 9 dollars and came with free shipping (surprise, it was an overseas seller...sweatshop much?). But anyways, Halloween comes but once a year so we must splurge when necessary.

I bought leopard fabric and unfortunately couldn't find an exact match to the jumper, but I don't think anyone noticed.

To make the tail I cut out two long strips of my fabric and sewed them together on three sides, leaving one open so that I could painstakingly turn it inside out. Then I stuffed it so that it wouldn't just be some lame ol' floppy tail. I also added some straps (strapless things make me nervous, especially when possibly intoxicated) out of long strips of fabric, sewn to the top of the jumpsuit and tied simply around my neck.

The ears I made really last minute and cut two triangles for each ear. Again, I sewed three sides and turned them inside out, stuffing them lightly. I then attached them to a brown headband. Originally I wanted ears that just clipped into my hair but that took a bit more effort and I wasn't up for it.

The makeup was the best part. I used waterproof Too Faced eyeliner for the spots so that they wouldn't rub off very much during the night. For the middle of the spots I used gold liquid liner which also wasn't very smudgy. I drew the spots on my forehead, cheeks, feet and chest. 

 I applied white makeup to my nose and upper lip/upper lip area. I then drew (again with the waterproof liner) a black nose and a black lip. If you're going to dress up as a cat for Halloween, it's better to draw the nose on the lower bit of your nose, including inside your nostrils. It's more realistic than just drawing a dot at the tip of your nose.

The lines leading down from my eyes are characteristic of a cheetah and also make the makeup look a bit more realistic. Eyebrows are important too. Instead of colouring my eyebrows fully in like I normally do, I applied black to the inner tip of my brows and left the rest pale. This looked hilarious the next morning when all my other makeup had been washed off but I forgot about the brows.

My eye makeup was liquid liner with some white eyeliner on the inner bottom lid to open my eyes up a bit more. I applied some bronze Anastasia eyeshadow all the way up to the lid and darker bronze in the outer corner of my eye for a smokey look.

The outfit wouldn't have been complete without fangs. I bought the kind that you mold right to your teeth, so they go on rather seamless and don't fall off through the night. You can also use them over and over again. The brand is Scarecrow.

After all was said and done, I went out to take pictures for my blog/lookbook. Of course the gang of little preteen boys decided to come outside while my mom was encouraging me to do "cheetah" poses". While they tried to whistle, we wrapped up the shoot and went inside. Half an hour later those little rascals rang my doorbell and asked if the cheetah was going to come out of it's cage. What is my life.

My night was spent at a social/bar with my friends - Vicki went as a tree (her boyfriend was a lumberjack), Leo went as a shark (her boyfriend was a dead lifeguard), Mylaine went as a devil, Janelle went as a skeleton, Nicole went as a serial killer and Ashley went as Peter Pan. Unfortunately they aren't as cool as me and don't do photoshoots in forested areas, so I don't have any photos. Pff. 
It was an awesome night.

For the actual night of Halloween, I'll probably just hand out candy, carve pumpkins and catch up on the episodes of American Horror Story: Asylum 


I LOVE YOUR STYLE: Fancy Giraffe

Creative, girlish and perhaps a bit wacky...I can't fully describe or understand the style of Cindy of Fancy Giraffe - but who said you have to understand things to admire them? While browsing fashion blogs, I generally love those who I can relate to the most. But there is a few different aspects I look for - I also like those who take aspects of my sort of style but put a spin on them, or do something I would have never thought of. Fancy Giraffe does just that.

Cindy frequently to style ties of any kind into her outfits, whether it be a shirt tie, a neck tie or a hair tie (and even her actual hair sometimes!). She is great at taking one look, such as the side braid you see above, and changing it up to make it look new/different.

Sometimes matching outfits can be a little bit...too much. But Cindy always seems to have the perfect, quirky balance to her outfits. I think it's the ribbon laces and tan leggings/pants on this look that really does it for me.

It should be obvious why I selected these looks for the feature. Well, if not, I'll explain. The left look screams fall, academic fashion - a trend/style which I can't get enough of. The right features a cat sweater. Come on. I have a similar one coming in the mail and now I have inspiration on how to wear it. Except, I live in the blistering cold and not sunny California so I think I'll have to pass on the shorts.

Last but not least, the look that drew me to click on her blog after seeing it on lookbook. I'm not one who can sport these type of pants and look anywhere near as presentable. I love the yellow and the leather browns in this look, as well as the print.

Her tumblr blog will not disappoint or fail to give you tons of great outfit ideas and inspiration.

Visit Cindy's blog here, and lookbook here.




sequin skirt and dress from nasty gal via Beso.

Many of you may be familiar with the concept of affiliate program, where you can earn money when others click + buy from your links to websites. Most affiliate programs involve applications and only bloggers with a strong base are accepted. Beso has rewritten the rules with their new Beso Rewards program.

It's incredibly simple. If you have signed up for Beso.com, you're already in the program- so even if you only share your links with friends on Facebook, you could be earning cash! When you look at any item on the website, there will be icons to share it on a variety of social media platforms, as well as a personalized link. With every click you get, you get paid! 

Along with this exciting news, Beso is offering one of my readers a prize of 100 dollars to spend on their website. 


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Good luck everyone! The giveaway will run until November 2nd, 11:59 pm.

WINNER: Melissa Bridi


Emerald City

My outfit today features a green sweater from Awwdore. I hadn't mentioned it before, but the packaging from Awwdore is always very clean & crisp.

scarf from grandma, boots from spring, tights from american apparel, skirt from forever 21, sweater c/o awwdore.

Thanks Grandma for the beautiful scarf :)

While we're on the topic of green...
I really want to try out some green makeup. I have blue eyes, so sometimes wearing any colour other than brown on my eyes just looks like too much...but I've been watching tutorials and hopefully I can create a look that works. Here's some products I want to try. All can be found at Sephora and the China Glaze can be found for a great price on Amazon.



Granny Smith Apple

My newest satchel purse is a colour that isn't often seen in my wardrobe. I tend to stay away from anything remotely neon- but this crisp shade of green actually reminds me of granny smith apples, which is why I decided to get it. 

The shimmer-fest begins with this silver/white knit sweater from 2020ave. I like the weight of the sweater (it's hard to explain - but it's just right) and the fact that it isn't itchy.

skirt from Forever 21, sweater c/o 2020ave, boots from spring, scarf and bag c/o Romwe.


Anastasia of Beverly Hills Review // Kisses On My List

For all the early shoppers, here is a great holiday gift idea to give any special lady in your life.

The Kisses On My List Volume 2 gloss set, by Anastasia of Beverly Hills, features six ultra shiny glosses. The shades stay in the pink/rose tones. Two of the glosses are matte (Maggie May and Moi), while the others (Roxanne, Sharona, Lola and Jolene) are shimmery. If you didn't notice already, they follow the theme of the Want You to Want Me eyeshadow palette - rock'n'roll glamof the 70's! This set in particular is named after rock muses.

The applicator is a spatula style. While it's a little awkward to use at first, I got used to it pretty fast and it allows for a smooth application.

I applied my top three choices to show you how the gloss wears.

First  I applied 'Lola', which is a shimmery light pink with silver undertone. I usually choose reds and maroons for the holiday season, but I can definitely imagine this bubbly colour with a silver sequin skirt.

Next was the matte colour, 'Moi'. In the tube it has a rosey tone, but when applied it's more of a nude and subtle colour. It's a great colour to gloss up your lips without looking overly shimmery or sparkle-fied.

Last up is 'Jolene' which was a hot pink colour with again, silver undertone shimmer. It isn't an overly bright colour when applied, but definitely is fancy enough to wear to a holiday party. 

As you can see, all the glosses have similarities but it's nice to have the small variations which set each gloss apart. 
The glosses were a bit sticky (I really haven't found a gloss that isn't yet...) and quite thick.
Overall I think it's a great holiday gift that has adorable presentation and enough gloss to last a lifetime! Buy the set here from Sephora.



Silver & Cold

Remember this skirt? I got the chance to try it out. 
The material is smooth and silky to the touch like all Lovelysally fabric. I suggest going a size down on these skirts, as they don't fit super tightly. 
The orange of the scarf brings this otherwise icy outfit into the warmer colour spectrum.

skirt c/o lovelysally, boots from spring, jacket c/o shopakira, top c/o clubcouture.

Now I'm off to watch some documentaries. I'm in that sort of mood. Comment if you have any favourites you think I should watch!



Cozy & Toasty

photo 1 and 2 unknown, photo 3, photo 4

Looking at these photos just makes you feel warm and gooey, don't you agree? I can't think of much better than cable knit anything when the temperature drops. How much cable knit can one outfit handle? I think I'm okay with head to toe. I'll have to try it out on lookbook sometime this winter.

For now, I'm lusting these items. When I was in Australia, I saw the most amazing cable knit socks in a store called Peter Alexander (which is pink, fluffy and smells like dreams. Yeah, the store is hard to miss). Unfortunately, the website seems a lot different than the store and I couldn't find anything even resembling what I had seen.

I did, however, find these treasures. Scarf from Topshop, sweater from ChicWish, socks from Indigo Chapters.



The shawl that was meant to stay inside for cuddling has made its way into the big outside world several times. It was made to bring to the movies (I went to see Argo - really good! But definitely not my favourite type of movie) since the theatres are usually freezing.

shawl from ardene, skirt c/o lulu*s, shoes from spring

The weekend shaped up to be a great one. I spent a night out with my friends and had a meeting for a wicked opportunity. Yours truly will be submitting article(s) for a new, upcoming magazine based in Winnipeg. I think mostly I will be focusing on fashion and lifestyle in Winnipeg. I'll get the chance to brush up on my writing skills, and we all know Winnipeg could use a little more arts - so I'm going to enjoy being involved with something that helps show the better sides of this ol' town.



Thistles and Weeds

Dress c/o iAnyWear, bag from forever 21, boots from spring

The drop waist on this printed dress makes it quite different from any other dress in my wardrobe, offering a casual slouchy look.  I love the bohemian silhouette and pattern, as well as the touches of orange. The dress has layers with the outermost one being sheer and light, adding volume and depth. 
The dress was made to be paired with my taupe knit circle scarf, and I just had to include my thrifted leatherette jacket - I can't seem to leave the house without it lately. Better enjoy the time I have that I can wear a light jacket like this, it won't last long!


October Dress Selections

Orange, navy and brown...patches, patterns and full skirts. I love it all. 

dress from asos

dress from dahlia

dress from miss patina

dress from asos



Heart Made of Mustard

necklace c/o clubcouture, leggings from flattery etsy, cardigan c/o ianywear, blouse c/o romwe.

I'm in such a comfy mood lately. I even went as far as to buy a soft shawl from Ardene (I really never shop there, but the shawls were such a great discovery) simply for snuggling up in around the house. Normally, I'm just not that girl. Around the house I do laze in pyjama's  but I've never actually spent money for the purpose of comfort. I will never go as far as to wear lululemon sweats or uggs or hugeeeee hoodies out and about - but this outfit is pretty much my idea of a cozy out-and-about look. Complete with mustard, leather & heart leggings .

By the way, the leggings have been selling pretty fast on my etsy, but there will be plenty more in the next week or so - and in lovely seasonal colours too!