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There's no better way to say goodbye to November than with a giveaway from Chicwish. Chicwish is offering one lucky reader 70 dollars to spend on the store. This is my first time using rafflecopter. It seems like it will be way easier! Woohoo. a Rafflecopter giveaway


Oh, Outerwear.

Mmmhmm - I do love outerwear. I'm not sure if you all knew this, since y'know, I don't wear them very often in my outfit photos (no...I'm still not cold...I swear). I've said this before, but it's usually because I get bored of them since I wear them every single day and they can really ruin an outfit shot by simply not showing off the shape of the clothing properly. 

Still, if you're going out and about it is important to have a coat that looks good with your outfit. You don't want to stumble into the mall with one of those white marshmallow jackets when you are actually a fashionista underneath it all.
Everyone should have a few different coats that they love and that they can match with their general wardrobe. 

I first saw this jacket at my old work, and was very tempted to buy it. Now I've stumbled upon it on the internet again and...maybe we are soul mates. I really like the faux fur collar and the stripes. The fabric is beautiful quality too.

I very much appreciate the blanket coats from BB Dakota. I often get accused of wearing a blanket in public when I wear my shawl or my plaid jacket - but I don't mind. I embrace it. Hoods are always a huge bonus on jackets in my opinion and are a life saver if you forgot to bring a hat during a blizzard. The colours and south western prints on these jacket are really what seals the deal  for me.

Another blanket-esque jacket. This one looks cozy because of the lining and features wicked geometric designs. I can imagine this one with cherry red tights, black booties and a circle scarf (and other clothes underneath dur).

What jackets have you been eyeing for winter? Do you have any on your Christmas wishlist?



I seemed to have missed this outfit from earlier in November
Denim shirts are usually something I reserve for Spring/Summer - but this one is pretty cute for winter for obvious reasons. Deer. Speaking of deer, if I see one more photo of a guy sitting on a dead deer he shot posted on facebook...ugh. It really irks me. There are pros and cons to hunting in the wild - I know that. But pros like 'it's more humane than raising livestock to kill'  are kind of negated when you take that sort of tasteless photo for a social media website to brag or whatever. That's just my two cents.

shirt c/o AWWDORE, shoes c/o Romwe, skirt c/o ClubCouture, jacket thrifted.


Just to feel the chill

fauxfur cardigan c/o Chicwish, button up from Sirens, boots c/o Romwe

Life has been pretty busy lately, and I like it! I'm adjusting to having a full time job, while still trying to juggle my blog, side job and etsy shop (maybe throw some socializing in there too...)

These photos were taken awhile ago, before I fell ill with the worst flu ever! 

Okay, maybe not the worst, but it seems like I'm always sick lately and it's terrible. I think I'm starting to get better now, thankfully. I hope I'm completely recovered by this friday, when the malls here in Canada start having "Black Friday" sales. Usually only the USA has these sales, but now our malls are trying to keep shoppers here by having some great deals too.

If you prefer to shop online, here is one sale you should check out at Romwe;

Up to 70% off, from November 21st through 26th.


New Listings

I'm starting to list some new colours of leggings on my Etsy shop. For these, you can choose whichever colour heart patch you want. Right now the options are wine red, dark brown or black. Sound good?

I also started making infinity scarves - like this cranberry one.

scarf and leggings from flattery, shop c/o shop akira, boots c/o romwe

Before I go, have a quick update of my life. My new job is amazing so far! So far I've written some blog articles, and I found it really enjoyable. We also get to snack at our desks. Awesome. The only bad thing about it is the commute, but I'm going to try to find a better route or a better time to leave my house so that I don't get stuck in gridlock. Happy days.


Simple Math

sweater c/o Miss Patina, dress c/o iAnywear, jacket thrifted, bag from matt and nat, necklace c/o merrin and gussy

This outfit was from when I went to see the movie Looper with my sister. The mood of the movie was really dark and raw. And I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt is even attractive as a young Bruce Willis.

The sweater from Miss Patina is one of the nicest I own. It is the most non-itchy knit sweater ever, so I've been wearing it like crazy and it's one of those pieces that has the privilege of being in both my out and about  wardrobe AND cozy wardrobe.

One more thing before I go. I'm super excited and happy because I now have a job! I start tomorrow. All the job hunting is finally over. I can remove all the job sites from my daily routine. This is the biggest relief!

I will be working in social media with a really great company. I think I will really enjoy it and also learn a ton. Admittedly, I have a bit of new job anxiety but that usually goes away pretty fast! Wish me luck.


AWWDORE: Black & White

Stay simple with black & white, and all the shades in between, with these treasures from AWWDORE.
You may see this pom pom embossed cardigan on me soon... 
Detailed sweaters are a must for the holiday season. This one might be a better choice than a sweater with a fibre optic Christmas tree on it. But whatever floats your boat.

The cross trend from the past year lives on, as does sheer, asymmetrical blouses. The cross print blouse would look great with a solid coloured skirt or pair of pants. Wear black/dark maroon lipstick if you want to further express your goth-ness.

I'm a big fan of pullover sweaters like the Punctuation is Everywhere Sweater. I would probably order it in a size up, for a slouchy/casual look. The busyness of the print is a good alternative for the season if you don't like loud glitter/sequins (but seriously, we aren't friends if you dislike sequinsy sparkle glitz).

Now for my favourite, obviously. I'm on a mission to own all cat clothing. The Call me Catwoman sweater will be worn by me soon as a homage to Eevee. This intense pullover stares into your soul and is perfect for true cat lovers and trendy-pseudo-cat lovers alike.

Lastly on my list of AWWDORE finds is a simple white lace blouse. This is the sort of shirt that is pretty much a staple for any wardrobe, but offers a bit more interest compared to your standard white blouse. I enjoy the depth and texture that lace offers. And the contrast black buttons are a nice touch.

Now, if you're planning on ordering any of these (I think at least half of you great people are eyeing the cat sweater, let's not pretend), you need to know about the current promotion.

Spend over $100.00 USD - Use Code 20off for a $20.00 discount
Spend over $60.00 USD - Use Code 10off for a $10.00 discount

For more from AWWDORE, click here! New arrivals just in.


Waiting for the moon

sweater & hat from forever 21, necklace c/o merrin & gussy.

I specifically look for sweaters like this. Long enough to wear as a dress and a somewhat slim silhouette. The gold antler pendant necklace was a perfect match.


Tiger Mountain

sweater c/o Awwdore, boots c/o Romwe, pants from American Apparel, hat from Forever 21.

I wore this outfit on a strange adventure around Winnipeg. I'm doing an article for The Visual Diary on three places in Winnipeg (somewhere to eat, somewhere to shop and somewhere to have fun). Of course the day I chose to go do research, it was absolute pouring rain. I didn't visit every place I wanted to go but fun was had by all. 



first photo, second photothird photo, fourth photo

I like the style of layering and pairing bracelets/watches/wrist candy with cozy knit sweaters. So much better than just having them dangle on your bare arm, pff.
I want to try layering bracelets directly on the sleeve, like in the photo directly above. There are a few different bracelet varieties that I want to buy.

Arrows or bones? Either of these duo metal bracelets from LuLu*s are fine by me. They would go with any colour sweater and I can also imagine them looking pretty swell with a leather wrist watch.

Wrap bracelets are pretty popular these days, with all sorts of companies claiming to be the 'original' wrap bracelet. I'm  not sure which company to support but I like the looks of these two beaded beauts. The first is from Beso and the second from Winky Designs. If you have a Chictopia account, the Winky Design wrap bracelet (named Caribbean Seabreeze) is available for redemption on the rewards section

This one's a no brainer. I love feathers. In fact, the second white bracelet from Wildfox has haunted me ever since I saw it in a little store in Byron Bay.
The first one is from Aldo and is equally as lovely, and would probably fit on my wrist better. Decisions, decisions. 

Last on my list are these braided bracelets which look amazing layered. I like the detail/depth that the braids add. The first, The Inferno Charm Bracelet, can be found over at Koko & Beau, while the second gold, brown and white set can be purchased at Aldo.