New Years Eve

For the past few days I tried to plan out my New Years Eve post. I wanted to do something cute, like list accomplishments and favourite moments/things from 2012. Easier said than done. I couldn't even figure out what my favourite book or movie had been - never mind heavier questions like biggest obstacles and challenges. All I can really say for sure is that 2012 has been one to remember - from graduation to traveling across the world, to struggling to find a job and then finding a great one. So much can happen in one year, and many of these memories seem so far away now. 
I usually don't make New Years resolutions. To me, there is nothing overtly special about this time of year. There is no real reason to suddenly make a huge change, but I do think it's a fine excuse that I want to take advantage of. It's just like at the beginning of summer, when suddenly I'm motivated to get healthy and make smoothies.

This year, I'd like to live with intention from day to day. I want to save money so that I can afford things that I truly want. I want to travel and enjoy every moment to the fullest. I want to stress less and enjoy spare time more.  I want to blog when I feel like it, but also been more organized to get the result that I want. My blog is a very important and special hobby to me. Like any hobby, passion can come and go. Lately I have felt less interested in it, and I'd rather just relax than force as many posts as I normally would have. But I know my interest will resume. During my holiday break I had time to catch up on all my favourite blogs and had time to feel excited again! Sometimes I get pretty lazy with fashion, but suddenly I feel the urge for a bit of a makeover! Mine usually aren't very sudden, so it likely won't be noticeable - but I am developing a clearer idea of what style I want. It will have aspects of my current style while also adding in something new. 

All in all, I'm excited for the New Year. It is the first year where I have no real grasp on what will be ahead of me, but I'm looking forward to see what is in store.

Happy New Year, everyone!


Winter Leaf

I've been missing having a basic black boot in my wardrobe - but alas I have a great pair from LuLu*s!
I wore this outfit out shopping but my trip wasn't completely successful...ughhh, I hate when I'm really excited to shop with Christmas money, but everything is so picked over! Some of the stores looked completely empty! It's probably better just to wait until the new year when the new stock comes out. As always, as soon as Christmas passes I become unrealllll eager for spring but it's still so far away.

I actually watched a short documentary on winter today, and how most Canadians LOATHE winter whereas other cold countries fully embrace it. I think it depends on where you live in Canada though...I really only like winter around Christmas for the pretty aesthetic and vibe, but otherwise I don't really participate in any winter activities that would make me enjoy it. What about you? Does anyone out there really look forward to the cold?

boots and top c/o LuLu*s, bag from Matt & Nat, necklace c/o Merrin & Gussy, pants c/o Romwe.


Disco on my Hips

Gotta get as much sequins into my life as possible before NYE. Then things always change between the ol' sparkle and I, at least until fall.

These shorts were from my pals Lenny and Leo. LOVE YOUS.

As awesome as these are, I'm still debating on what to wear for New Years Eve. I really want to wear my black sparkle heels as I don't wear them very often during the year, so I might have to tone it down it a bit on the rest of the outfit. Hmm...

shorts c/o leo and lenny, earrings c/o Merrin & Gussy.


Through the tangles of our mind

How was your Christmas? Mine was amazing and I was very spoiled! I still can't believe it, but I am now a Mac user! I'm getting used to it pretty quickly, though I'm sure I still have a lot to learn. Soon I will set up bootcamp so that I can run my Windows programs like Adobe Photoshop.

I'm trying out a new brand of fake tattoos. Yes, I'm still too wishy washy to get a real one. This infinity symbol is from DCER Tattoos.

hat and deer necklace c/o Romwe, pants from American Apparel, top thrifted, tattoo from DCER


Merry Catmas!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! Follow me on instagram to see more pictures from my Christmas celebrations @ _flattery

My adorable Christmas Cat sweater is a xmas gift courtesy of my Aussie friend over at KNOTTUS!


REVIEW: Dermablend

Have you heard of Dermablend?

I was introduced to the product on TV - and was quite excited to try it out for myself. They have a range of skin products, and I chose the Smooth Indulgence Foundation in the lightest colour available - nude beige. The product is described as providing medium coverage and long wearability, while also having SPF 20 sunscreen. The package came with an applicator sponge and (cute!) a candy cane for Christmas.

The consistency of the foundation is somewhere between very light and slightly heavy. For how light it is, it's actually quite amazing how dense the foundation is...It rubs onto the face without being goopy/hard to spread and you only need a small bit to cover a large portion of your face! 

The coverage is very good compared to a lot of other foundations I've tried. This foundation works best when applied to a clean, moisturised face. It goes on matte and I did not have any problems with my face look greasy at any point when I wore it. I have been wearing it for a couple weeks now and no signs of breakouts or skin irritation either.

Here is a snapshot I took in the morning after applying one side of my face with Dermablend. Can you see which one? Well I don't mean to nitpick at myself, but the right side is the side WITHOUT Dermablend. I have redness on my cheeks, some discolouration and darkness under my eyes. The left is with Dermablend, and you can see my skin looks very even.

Overall I'd give Dermablend 9.5/10. My only complaint being that it didn't look great when my skin was really dry one day. But...maybe that's a reminder that I should really moisturise my skin, haha. I love it and I look forward to using it from now on.


Orbs and Lights

I've been dipping into the dangerous world of pants lately...and I like it! Except they just aren't as comfortable as wearing leggings/skirt.

These ones from Nectar are pretty soft though and have a nice stretch. The colour is a neutral olive which goes really well with a few different colours (yellow, burgundy, blush, lavender).

olive pants and necklace c/o nectar, cardigan c/o iAnywear, blouse from ShopAkira.


The stars came falling

I was asked to do a review on the Salvador Belt from Foxy Originals.

I chose the gold buckle with a nude band, as I tend to go towards neutrals lately. I think the buckle adds just enough detail to an outfit without being tacky, like many belts are...especially if they have a chunky gold buckle. The leather is soft and flexible - but alas, my only problems with this belt are with the band. I tend to only wear belts with dresses, around my natural waist. I had to punch a hole for that because it only has holes in positions to wear around the hips. Also, the holes that were a bit too small for the buckle and it was hard to push it in place. Other than that, it's a beautiful and simple accessory.

I paired it with my vintage-inspired green dress from Miss Patina.

I am wearing tights with this outfit, but they are those nudey skin coloured tights (which may or may not be a fashion violation...OH WELL).
dress c/o miss patina, sweater from urban behavior, shoes c/o romwe, belt c/o foxy originals.

That's snow by the way, not dandruff...(winter problems).

I curled my hair with a curling wand in these photos. It's my new favourite hair styling tool because it's super easy and I love the waves that it makes.

In other news, we decorated our Christmas tree and Eevee likes it.


The Colour of the Season


It's one of my favourite colours of the season. In this holiday look, I paired it with layered bracelets and sparkle booties, which I bought on 'Black Friday' from Spring.

boots from spring, leggings from forever 21, sweater c/o romwe, bracelets c/o merrin and gussy.

Around this time of the year, I always wish I had prepared Christmas posts ahead of time. Unfortunately, while it is one of the best times of the year, it's also one of the busiest! Maybe I should become one of those people who start shopping for Christmas on boxing day...


Breathe in the Snowflakes

This paisley dress is a find from VV boutique (value village) that I hemmed but hadn't worn until now. It's more like a tunic now so I wore it with leggings.

What I liked about this sweater was the cute pom pom details. Something about it reminds me of snow/winter.

sweater c/o AWWDORE, scarf c/o Happy Scarf, dress thrifted, leggings from forever 21, boots c/o Romwe.