Deer Halloween Costume Tutorial

This year I wanted to try to better document how I made my Halloween costume. It isn't the best tutorial but I hope it gives you a better idea on how to get started if you want to be a deer/fawn for Halloween. Here we go!

First things first, you need one of these unitards! Not very flattering, I know, but essential for your deer costume. I couldn't find any in the stores so I bought mine off Etsy for a very fair price. She even customized a few sizes for me. Find unitards in every colour here

The other fabric/material you need is a piece of furry fabric and some felt. I actually only ended up using the brown felt.

Cut the furry fabric into a chest piece. My shape wasn't perfect, but that is one thing I want to stress. Some people get so caught up in the details of a costume and they don't even up wanting to do it because they think these things matter. They don't. Your costume can be inspired, and doesn't have to be perfection.

I sewed the piece on, which took about an hour or so.

For antlers, take tinfoil and mold it into the shape you want. I would suggest going with small antlers because they will be difficult to put on your headband if they are too large, and you might poke someone's eye out. 

Make paper mache and use thin strips of newspaper around the tinfoil. It took a full night for mine to dry properly, so make sure you do this ahead of time.

My antlers looked a bit rickity so I coated them in Mod Podge before painting them white.

I then painted with various shades of brown to give them more detail. An ombre effect would be neat for this part too, if you have a sponge to blend the shades of brown.

Next step was a bit of a road block! Even though the antlers felt light, they were hard to attach to my headband. I tried hot glue and super strong glue, but they always ended up falling off due to weight. I decided a binding technique would work best, so I took ribbon and started by tying it to the headband. I think criss-crossed the ribbon tightly around the antler, adding glue and knots to keep it in place. I also put glue on the antler itself before crisscrossing. This ended up working great!

For the ears, I cut out shapes like this from the felt. Size is up to you! I gathered the sides together and sewed along the base of the ear, leaving the long bit out. 

The longer strip is so you can attach it to your headband, like so, gluing in place.

Next, take your fur fabric and cut out two shapes for the inside of the ear. Simply glue inside. I love details like this that give a bit more depth to a costume.

I repeated the steps above with a large version of the original shape for the tail.

Makeup time! You will need fake eyelashes, foundation that is darker than your skin tone, mascara, liquid liner, waterproof black eyeliner, and a large white eyeliner pencil. To keep your makeup on better, you can prep your skin with a primer. 

Fill in the area around your eye with the white eye crayon, leaving out a little space under your eye. The reason I did this was because I found it hard to apply the black eyeliner on top of the white.

 Apply and blend the foundation carefully around your white patches, fading down into your cheeks and up over your forehead. Yikes! Feeling a little jersey shore.

Use the white crayon to colour in a strip across your nose. Apply the black liner on the front and underneath of your nose.

Apply a dramatic cat eye with your liquid liner.

Put on your fake lashes and line under your eye with the black eyeliner.  Use your large white pencil to draw dots on your cheek. How many is up to you!

Last, pencil in your eyebrows darker than what you normally do. Tada, done!

I used the Conair YouCurl to give my hair waves. I don't have many pictures of this process but it took approx. 1 hour to do. If you have long hair you will want to give yourself plenty of time for this step.

At last I was ready! Here is the final result...

One step that I missed documenting was attaching the tail and painting on dots. I used white fabric paint and applied about 2-3 coats. When you're attaching the tail, you're going to want to attach it with with the back of the tail (not the furry part) laying flat against the back of your costume. Sew the bottom on and then you will get a bit of tension that will keep it up right.

Happy Halloween everyone! If you have any questions about this costume, feel free to ask in the comments.


  1. Wow! This looks perfect! ♥

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  3. This is ADORABLE! When I read the title I though "she's going as a ....deer?" but this is too cute and I wish I had just $20 to spend on a costume like this! (ie- broke college kid problems)


  4. Make-up looks easy but it's awesome! I love deers!

  5. thats soooo cutee!!!! nice diy! so beautiful!


  6. It looks awesome! You're SO good at crafting!

  7. This Halloween costume is amazing! x

    Abbie | Dainty Little Dreams

  8. Hi Breanne, just found and joined your blog! Super cute, look forward to following. :)

    Will you join mine?

  9. this is sooo adorable! and a tutorial on how to make it was a wonderful idea.

  10. This is so cute! Thanks for sharing!


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  12. Looks incredible! You always have the best costumes!


    The Occasional Indulgence

  13. Great idea! I will try it next year or for fancy dress party :)

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  16. I love this so much, the makeup is incredible! If you do not mind me asking, what brands of makeup did you use? I basically want to buy exactly what you used lol.

    Alice xx

    1. Thank you!! For the foundation, Maybelline Dream Mousse. White eyeliner was NYX. Black eyeliner, Too Faced. Liquid liner, Almay.

  17. I completely love this! How well did the antlers hold up by the end of the night? I am totally doing this!


    1. One year later they are still holding up :) Had no problems with the antlers falling apart!

  18. Hi,

    I love your costume would you consider selling it?? I really need something for a party asap. Thank you!!

    1. Hello!

      Sorry but I won't be selling it :(

  19. What kind of paper mache did u use?? Was it a glue based one? Thanks!!

    1. Heya! I'm actually dumb and had never used paper mache before and thought I had to buy it. So I bought some mix from a craft store. Apparently it's literally overpriced flour that I bought...lol. So no, I think it was flour based.

  20. Thank you for this awesome DIY tutorial! I nailed it and loved the costume ;)

  21. This is cute, but I just have to say... Does don't have antlers and bucks don't have spots. ;) I'm assuming you weren't worried about accuracy, though. To the commenter who loves 'deers'... Deer is plural and singular. ;)

  22. adorable!
    thanks for sharing your tutorial! i set a link and hope you agree.

    best wishes, doro von Hand zu Hand