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Possible Benefits and Side Effects of CBD for Skin

CBD or cannabidiol is a natural component in cannabis plants, such as hemp plants and marijuana. To buy hemp flower online has been a trend lately, so it’s not surprising to see cannabidiol being infused into different skin products such as creams, balms, oils, shampoos, bath bombs, face masks, and bath bombs.

You might have also discovered that cannabidiol is good for fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and other skin problems. But is it safe and effective? Many studies are still being conducted on the uses and benefits of cannabidiol. Continue reading to understand cannabidiol for the skin.

Possible Benefits

Though there isn’t enough research yet on the proven benefits of cannabidiol to skin problems, experts continue to look for answers. A few earlier studies have shown the potential of cannabidiol for these conditions.

A small study was done on 20 participants who had eczema or psoriasis to check the effect of cannabidiol. For three months, they were asked to use skin ointment with cannabidiol daily. The results showed improvements, such as decreasing inflammation. They also didn’t experience allergies or irritation. However, there are a lot of limitations to this study.

Experts also said that more research needs to be done for the right dosage, side effects, and long-term benefits. This information is more important for those who consider using cannabidiol products for their skin routine.

Possible Side Effects and Dangers

Generally, many cannabidiol products mislead people with their claims, according to the FDA. Because cannabidiol products have no prescription and are easy to obtain, most people have the idea that they’re not dangerous. But, the FDA said that there are possible dangers people need to be careful of when using cannabidiol.

If taken orally, cannabidiol can cause liver damage. There isn’t conclusive proof yet on whether cannabidiol products can result in damage when used on the skin as well. There isn’t clear information on the amount of cannabidiol that is absorbed by the skin.

There’s also a possibility of developing a rash when you use cannabidiol skin products. Cannabidiol could be the reason for its interaction with the other skin products you use. The FDA also warns against the use of any form of cannabidiol, including capsules or creams, for pregnant women or those who breastfeed. The FDA is currently researching the safety of these products, including supplements, food, and makeup.

Before trying any cannabidiol product, it’s best to go through the product information carefully to determine its active components. But, even if you do this, it’s difficult to know exactly the content of the product, which includes the amount of cannabidiol it has. That’s why it’s also best to consult with a doctor if there’s something unclear about the cannabidiol product you’re planning to use.


Research shows that it can be used for many skin problems such as psoriasis, acne, and dermatitis. This is likely because of its antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. But, just like any other products you use on your body, it’s always best to practice caution and consult an expert.

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