Pump Up Your Tees!

Ways to Pump Up Your Tees!

T-shirts are among the most comfortable and flexible RTWs of all time. Its t shirt printing, give comfort, and can be styled according to your mood. You may use one at home during a bed weather, use it when hanging out with friends, or opt to use it on your daily work and school life.

In this article, we’ll show you some of the ways on how you can rock your next t-shirt OOTD!

Customize It

Custom T-shirts are often seen as a group uniform for gatherings and events. In customizing, you get to choose a unique design that can be printed directly to the garment. Customizing shirts can be in the form of manipulating its hems and stitches or giving it slits, ribbons, and pockets.

It may also be in the form of printing designs through a machine or by hand. Either way, customizing T-shirts is a good way to freshen up your wardrobe and wear low-key outfits in your own style.

Tracksuit Terno

A t-shirt can complement tracksuits as its inner clothing. Wearing tracksuits without a T-shirt on the inside can make you look like you’re going on a real physical fitness session – we don’t want that to happen whenever possible.

With a plain T-shirt inside your tracksuit terno, you can finish your look with stilettos, glorious bangles, and hard-to-miss earrings! You may also opt to try a T-shirt as a top on your track pants.

Try It with Blazers and Cutoffs

Blazers and cut-offs can make your look both casual and sassy. This T-shirt and blazer combination is one of the fashion tastes of pop icon Rihanna. No matter where you’re headed at, this is a perfect look since it won’t be too formal to go out and too lazy to be partying. It’s a look that’ll give you a fresh and sassy vibe.

Tuck It In

2019 is a year of fashion revolution, and one of its iconic trends is the “tucked-in” style for shirts and tops. Tucking in shirts, most especially the oversized ones, in any type of bottom garment may give you a retro and conservative look. As a head start, you may tuck T-shirts on pleaded long skirts, baggy pants, and denim skirts. This is a look that has been a rave throughout Korea and other countries in Southeast Asia.

Make it an Inner Piece

Aside from pairing it with blazers and tracksuits, why not pair it with a tux, denim jackets, and polo shirts? A T-shirt can also serve as formal wear and a complementing garment to your other tops.


A T-shirt is a universal garment and can be worn on a low-key kind of style or pair it with elegant pieces of jewels and accessories. It is a great OOTD complementary since it doesn’t overpower and is also easy to mix and match with accessories and shoes. What’s good about having a set of good tees on your closet is that it gives you a collection of low-key yet stunning OOTD pieces.

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