10 Symptoms Of A Low Self-Esteem And The Ultimate Cure

Mood swings have a habit of hitting you from nowhere.

One minute you’re really into your daily routine and acing at life, and the next minute, you’re feeling blue, and you’re back to destructive thinking patterns, belittling yourself and hating everything about you.

Can you relate?

Healthy self-esteem, just like low self-esteem, has signed:

  1. You take care of yourself and get what you need.
  2. You’re intentional about taking responsibility for your life and actions
  3. You are open to learning new things
  4. You are open to making new friends
  5. You know you worth
  6. You know how important you are to your surroundings and what you bring to your environment
  7. You love and respect yourself
  8. You are not overcome by setbacks
  9. You are happy and content
  10. You love celebrating others without feeling like they add a threat to you
  11. You don’t throw pity parties

Low Self-Esteem signs:

  1. You’re almost always doubting yourself
  2. You’re almost always overthinking
  3. You’re always comparing yourself to other people
  4. You are not confident in the things you’ve accomplished
  5. You don’t know what you’re good at
  6. You hate trying new things and meeting new people
  7. You can’t easily celebrate other people
  8. You throw pity parties

The most important way to cure low self-esteem issues is to truly befriend yourself. Start celebrating you, belief the good things people say about you and when you have disappointing days, look at the ad opportunities to learn to be a better person.

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