Surprise Your Visitors With Your Tasty Homemade Stromboli

It is best to entertain your guests in simple but elegant and joyful ways.

Hosting should never cause you too much stress and sweat – it should be full of joy and laughter, and delicious meals, most especially during the holiday season.

I like to make tasty appetizers and easy dishes so I won’t get too stressed and my kitchen won’t be extremely messy before my visitors arrive.

To accomplish this, I pick fresh, exciting meals dull or flavored. No guest is left unsatisfied and unimpressed!

Maestro and San Daniele, dry Italian meat, is literally always in my fridge. It is always a hit with guests!

Stromboli is American-Italian, and if you’re fond of pizza, you’ll definitely love everything about it. It is served on individual servings, and the bruschetta sauce makes it even more elegant, and no one would guess how easy it is to make!

Make the stromboli with Italian dough for the bread, or pizza dough from the store. After rolling the dough, add the deli meat and fresh veggies – or whatever ingredients you want to add.

I like adding tomatoes, cheese, and a hint of basil.

Enjoy your meal!

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