3 Style Tips to Transition Summer Outfits to Autumn Outfits

Autumn is fast approaching, no matter how much we wish for summer to last forever.

As the temperatures begin to drop, your outfits have to change too – a layering of clothes, and boots, and the like.

I don’t like saying goodbye to the Summer, so I like to greet Autumn slowly – by gradually changing my summer outfits into outfits suitable for the weather, but at the same wearing my summer clothes for as long as it’s appropriate.

These 3 tips will help you transition your outfits:

1. Wear long-sleeved T-shirts Under Your Summer Dresses

You don’t have to give up maxi dresses immediately after autumn arrives. Layer your maxi dresses with long-sleeved t-shirts that are light and thin, or with a light jacket over your maxi dress.

2. Boyfriend cardigans and knee-high boots

You can wear knee-high boots and boyfriend cardigans with your short dresses. It will instantly make your short summer dresses look suitable for autumn, and you will not feel cold, especially if you add a boyfriend cardigan on top.

3. Layer up!

Layer up as best as you can. The temperatures are dropping, especially in the mornings, but in the afternoons, it goes back to summer weather. Layering enables one to always be ready. If it gets too warm, you can easily take a layer off.

What You Need to Know About Adding Style To Your Wardrobe In Autumn

Are you longing to add a little more style to your clothes this autumn without breaking your bank?

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