Vaping – Hobby and Lifestyle?

The e-cigarette was an escape from tobacco. It has reduced the health effects. However, nowadays it has taken a recreational turn whereby many people have turned to it for pleasure. Nobody can deny that St-eustache vapes popularity is growing and not stopping anytime soon.

Have you been vaping for the last few years and still can’t tell if it’s a hobby or a lifestyle? Well, most people are not sure either since it satisfies both.

Everyone’s relationship with an e-cigarette is unique depending on how you engage with it. Here we explore how it is both a hobby and a lifestyle.

E-cigarettes as a Hobby

Hobbies are enjoyed in areas you feel comfortable doing the activities you love.

  • When you feel the urge to go out to your favorite spot and vape, it is a hobby.
  • You may use your e-cigarette while on your porch blowing out some deep clouds. It is your daily hobby.
  • Also, young people look forward to the weekends when they can enjoy e-cigarettes in clubs. If you find yourself in such scenarios, consider e-cigarettes as a hobby.
  • E-cigarette hobbyists enjoy what is offered by the e-cigarette world and look forward to every puff of vape they consume.
  • As a form of hobby, you may explore different types of e-liquid flavors and setups. Nevertheless, they don’t make new hardware or explore making new coils and e-juices for their vape device.
  • They ensure they remain within their budget to allow them to maintain other hobbies in life.

E-cigarettes as a Lifestyle

People who are into e-cigarettes as a form of lifestyle and have dedicated part of their life to it.

Reasons why e-cigarette is considered a lifestyle:

  • E-cigarettes go hand in hand with expensive clubs and high-end motor vehicles. People of this nature look for vape mods that are expensive and respected by their peers. Some vape devices are designed with wood, gold, or diamond to represent a luxurious lifestyle.
  • People are willing to spend a fortune on e-juices and e-cigarettes. These people probably value a good and classy lifestyle.
  • E-cigarettes bring several communities together to their favorite spots. Through e-cigarettes, many people have become friends. Some people feel knitted when a vapor visits their area. Therefore, it is a social habit that can change lifestyles.
  • It’s also a lifestyle if a vaper explores new e-cigarette hardware and flavors. They may also spend a lot of time in vape shops and online forums discussing e-cigarette topics.
  • It can stop tobacco addiction. Some people seek an alternative to smoking and adapt to e-cigarettes with the same nicotine levels. It is also choosing an e-cigarette lifestyle that meets the same needs.

Some people don’t fall into either of the categories because e-cigarette is their means of getting nicotine in their body.

If you still wonder whether vaping is a hobby or a lifestyle, the above highlights can guide you to where you fit. Nonetheless, the most essential thing is how you view e-cigarettes.

When doing it with friends in a vape shop is the same as enjoying it on your porch or favorite spot. It makes it a hobby. When you spend a fortune to purchase e-juices and vapes, this turns into a lifestyle.

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