All You Need To Know About L’Oréal Blondifier Hair Product

I cut my split ends this summer and changed my hair color to ash-blonde highlights.

New hair, new woman – right?

I did not want to compromise my healthy hair with highlights, and having silky, healthy, fresh and shiny hair is very important to me. To get all that, I tried out the Blonidier From L’Oreal.

It was made for colored, bleached and highlighted blondes. It is a great pick if you have hair with any blond strands in it! It will keep you cool and fabulous and perfect all season long.

The Blondifier Cool makes your blonde hair look fresh because it has acai berry extracts inside. It cleanses your hair gently.

The Blondifier Gloss also cleanses the hair and makes them shine pop. It is great for preparing damaged hair.

The Blondifier Mask and Conditioner gives the hair moisture and prevents split ends while detangling it at the same time! There are polyphenols in the mask that are very healthy too!

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