Jazz Singer

Hey, guess what? I start a new job tomorrow! I am very excited as it is with a fantastic, reputable company here in Winnipeg. I will be working a 8-month term to kickstart a social media program and teach the staff how to continue the strategy once I am done.

Wearing a more business-forward wardrobe to work will be new to me but while I was in New York I picked up some essentials (black/grey slacks, dress shirts, pencil skirts)! It will be interesting to see if I can incorporate my own style in as I'm not really too interested in professional style.

Until then, today I am styling a backless crochet dress from 6ks!

Dress c/o 6ks, hat and necklace from H&M


Shop my Closet ♡

Clearing out my closet one item at a time.

I'm selling these two coats (both in perfect condition) for $25 each, plus shipping! 

The size on both coats is small.

Email me (the_thriftstore@hotmail.com) if you're interested with your location and I can give you a shipping cost/instructions on how to purchase.


New York, I Love You.

One of the highlights of my summer was a trip to NYC with my mom! This was my second trip to the beautiful city but both trips were very different! I didn't get the chance to do much of the generic sightseeing last time, so this time I was able to catch up. 

Right off the bat, I have a few tips if you're planning a New York trip soon:

1. Stay in the less busy burrows. We stayed in the Staybridge Suites (which is in the Garment district, fairly close to Times Square). It was a great hotel, but next time I want to stay in somewhere like Chelsea. I think many tourists flock around the Times Square area but it really doesn't matter if you're super close to it or not, since I personally only like going there once or twice before it gets overwhelming.

2. Shoes. No, I didn't take this advice...and paid for it! My feet and shins hurt horribly as the trip went on and next time I'm bringing some kind of proper running shoe (little white sneakers don't count apparently).

3. Don't be intimidated by the Subway system. We don't have anything like it in Winnipeg so it took a little bit of encouragement before we went on it, but it's so easy to understand and cuts down your walking time.

4. Prepare for patience, and lines. True, it's a city of the fast-moving...but somehow everything is sloooow. There is always a wait or a line, especially in popular clothing stores. It can be frustrating to wait in line to buy one thing for 45 minutes.

Now...onto pictures (I didn't take very many, so I'll just show a few)!

We took a little cruise to the Statue of Liberty. I really enjoyed seeing the different sides/views of the city as we sailed through the water. Here is the 9/11 memorial tower.

I have to say, one of the best things about wandering around New York is the mix of old/new architecture. Churches with rich history are nestled and tucked in between skyscrapers.

We had a bit of a unique experience when first arriving in New York. There was a huge demonstration in Times Square. I was a little claustrophobic in the huge crowds and with all the noise/chanting, but it was definitely interesting to see. I took a few photos of what I saw, but none of these photos reflect my opinion on the conflict.

Get outta there! 

hat from H&M, dress from Tobi.

I only did a few fashion shots while there. You know, it's difficult to be fashionable when you're walking around with the head of the sun all day long. I can't help but think that anyone wearing heels in New York must be insane. Then again, I'm sure they only have a short way to go (or tougher feet than me). 

'Till next time, NYC!