Mexico 2014 // Riu Tequila

While most of you (and me) are scrambling around the mall for Black Friday, I wanted to schedule a vacation blog for today to be reminded of the good ol' relaxed days. This year, my friend and I returned to the Mayan Riviera to try out a different resort, the Riu Tequila, located in the Playacar community. 

Towel art didn't disappoint, heh. 

The room was a little less glossy than last year's resort, but were still very clean. I was always impressed to find that it had already been tidied upon returning at 9AM after breakfast.

The hotel has all the amenities expected of an All-Inclusive, and I was particularly impressed by the food. The dinner buffet is enormous and I can't imagine anyone disliking the array of food. We tried all of the al la cartes, but ended up only enjoying the Mexican (go figure). That's not to say that you can't find steakhouses that are good in Mexico - last year's resort served a mean steak.

We played volleyball almost every day and met a lot of Europeans. One of the biggest problems with the resort (maybe like many others) is the people...I can't figure out if I'm just intolerant of shenanigans, but it never ceases to annoy me when people smoke in non-smoking areas. I might be spoiled by Canada, where I rarely encounter smoke because of our laws. It was not relaxing to be chillin' by the pool while whiffs of smoke fill your nose. It was clear that the staff was not going to tell these people to stop. And while I'm ranting, I might as well mention people who bring their toddlers into the shallow part of the adult pool, where the in-water loungers are. It was both disappointing and entertaining to watch people trying to relax on the loungers only to have a baby screaming and splashing them.

Our first full day was hot and sunny in the morning. We enjoyed the ocean and pool, and of course many tropical drinks. It became cloudy in the afternoon so we decided to go to 5th Avenue in Playa Del Carmen.

As before, I was amazed by how cute and lovely the street is. Every restaurant is so quaint and has it's own unique style. They have a newer mall area with Forever 21 and Victoria's Secret, but I found that the shops had much higher prices compared to back home so I didn't buy anything.

I stood at this hotel for awhile, gaping inside at how beautiful it looked. I didn't dare venture further but I am going to look into it for my next visit! As much as I enjoy the relaxation and ease of an All-Inclusive, sometimes it's nice to be right in the action.

Stopped by the beach to take some photos.

The resort was again, busy with coati and about 5 cats (who I tried to befriend, only worked on a few). Some of the tourists hate them but I enjoy their presence, even when they knock over my drink (after stealing the lemon) and chase me at late hours in the night.

On the one cloudy day of the vacation, I took a long walk around the area. All of the holiday homes are so beautiful and I really must have one in the future (that was decided).

We visited Cozumel for the first time and went to Mr. Sancho's Beach Club to hang out and paddle board. I'd definitely recommend Ha Haak Paddleboarding if you're looking for a little bit of exercise and fun while in Cozumel.

Mr. Sancho's Restaurant. There was a bit of confusion when it came to taking our order, but in the end the Nachos were quite delicious.

Did I mention the liquor dispensers in the room? Ha!

Overall it was a fantastic vacation! When it comes to choosing your resort, the Riu Tequila is good, if you can get it for a great price. My biggest complaint was the spa, which I wouldn't recommend at all due to the lack of atmosphere. If you want a massage and are going to the Riu Tequila or one of the adjoining resorts, get it on the beach! It was awesome there, and less expensive.

Hope to return somewhere hot soon :)


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Happy Birthday to my Sister

Happy Birthday to my sister Chelsea! Sorry I couldn't be home to make you a cake, although I'd never be able to make one as good as yours, haha! I hope you have a lovely day 

Love, Bee.