Landscape // Garage Criss Cross Skirt

What is your favourite lighting for taking photos?
I have two - when it's cloudy yet bright, or the golden hour before the sun goes down. 

Today was the former. This weekend was a quiet, relaxing one with my boyfriend out of town for work. My friends and I went to dinner at Earls and then to see the movie It Follows, which was one of the best horror flicks I've seen in awhile; aka it wasn't all about gore and pop-outs. It left me with a really unsettled feeling. Go see it!

Now, after taking these photos, I'm sitting in my room with my window open listening to the rain. I hope each and every one of you will be watching Game of Thrones tonight. It's your only job.

top from H&M, skirt from Garage, belt and shoes from Forever 21, jacket from Urban Outfitters.


Easter Weekend // RW&CO Top, Steve Madden FLUTE

If you're from Winnipeg, try Tiber River Naturals for your next manicure/pedicure/whatever. I got a gift certificate from my work on my last day and got these green (sage? seafoam?) shellac nails. Nothing like a manicure to make you feel refreshed again. 

Here is a variation on what I wore for Easter this weekend. Instead of the beige blazer I wore a salmon pink one, but for these photos I gravitated toward this instead. 

sandals from Steve Madden, watch c/o Daniel Wellington, top from RW&CO, blazer from Chicwish, pants from Banana Republic.


Pretty Spring Things // Haul

My colour palette for spring! Blush pink, grey, burnt orange, white, beige, brown and black. If you're looking to create a new image, making a colour palette is a great place to start. If you don't have any photoshop programs, try this site.

As much as I'd love to be flawlessly consistent, I will of course occasionally include other colours into my looks (in particular, olive green and denim blue). That being said, my most recent purchases do reflect these colours. Here's what I bought.