Date Night

Well well well, guess who just hit the ol' 23. Now I get to spend a whole year not remembering my own age (does this happen to anyone else? haha).

A week or so before my birthday, Adam took me out on a special date since he had to be on tour for my real birthday! 

He picked me up in his dad's spiffy old car and we went for a delicious dinner at Cibo. If you live in Winnipeg, I really recommend it! It's on Waterfront and the architecture and design of the space is stunning. I should have taken photos, but the highlight of the dinner was the bruschetta. You can mix which kind of bruschetta you get with the dish, and I really enjoyed each one we chose.

The date continued at Skinners for icecream & arcades, and then a little Lana Del Rey serenade at the park (bahahaha, Ride, if you're wondering). 

We of course stopped to take a few photos. Enjoy!


The Cabin Life

Cabin living has to be my favourite thing of the entire summer. I am pretty behind on posts, so these are from early July when I went to my friend Nicole's cabin near Kenora. 

The lake is glass, with islands scattered here and there. Truly one of the most beautiful places.

Platt, the cutest beach ball octopus ever! Picked him up at Target.

The sparkler pictures of me were beyond scary. Maybe I'll post the scary ones around Halloween...;)

Adam helped me do a little photoshoot on the lake. I love how eerie it looks. This was actually right after a heavy storm.

I'm wearing a satin kimono from Front Row Shop (now on sale!!)

Kimono c/o Front Row Shop.


Dusty Woman

It's been such a busy summer for me and I think I like it!

Last weekend I was at my friend's cabin (which also happens to be my favourite place everrrr). Here are a few pictures from the journey out and the first night. Nothing classier than taking some outfit shots at a gas station, right?

Tons more pictures from the weekend coming soon!

hat, boots from Forever 21, tank top from Asos