Frank Coffee Body Scrub Review // The Frank Effect

I'm sure you have seen at least 1 post on Instagram of the latest craze straight from Melbourne, Australia: FRANK Coffee Scrub! I knew I had to try it and find out what all the hype is about...I also happened to be searching for the perfect scrub to use before my fake-baking routine. I ordered the Original Coffee Scrub - "packed with 200g of sweet almond, orange & lots of other good stuff.".

Dear Frank... I really like you and all, but I think you've been seeing other babes (hint: I'm not wearing lipstick). So here's what's gonna happen: I'm gonna rip you open, use you, get dirty, and then it's war. 

Frank is all-natural and is NOT tested on animals. I like that.

The branding itself is genius, hence its rise to fame. Frank takes a cheeky tone with simple, matter-of-fact packaging. It tells you right away that this process is going to require getting dirty, and that's definitely the truth.

Be prepared to have your shower filled with little grits (at least if you're messy like me). But guess what? It's SO worth it.

Eevee checking out the goods.

Smell: Coffee. Exactly as you'd imagine!

Value: Good. You don't need too much each time you scrub, so I think the price is fair! AND they ship worldwide! You're supposed to leave it on your skin for 5-10 minutes. It claims to get rid of cellulite (and even other skin problems like stretch marks and eczema). I haven't been able to test those results yet, having only used it tonight!

Result: Have you ever held a kitten and thought, this is the softest thing I have ever felt, and will ever feel. Well you're wrong. After you use Frank, your skin will be so soft that you won't even fully be able to comprehend it. Seriously. I was thoroughly impressed.

I rate this product 10/10 and DEFINITELY recommend you order some! Frank is my kind of guy.


I'm a rattlesnake, babe. // Slip Skirt, Forever 21 Booties

Ignore the hideous bruise on my leg :) I fell down some stairs, haha, it wasn't pretty.
Have you noticed the trend of wearing lace slips? Girls have been wearing them with chunky sweaters mostly, but this is how I styled mine. I picked two up for Value Village. The underwear section is the most under-picked section of thrift shops, so never overlook it - even if you do get some pretty weird glances! 

hat, jacket and boots from Forever 21, top from Asos, slip from Value Village.


Three Fires Must You Light // Game of Thrones

FINALLY! Game of Thrones starts tonight! I have waited and waited, keeping myself preoccupied with reading the books (which are GREAT, but perhaps a little challenging if you haven't watched the show first. I would recommend watching the show and then reading the books, helps to keep characters in order). I haven't been this excited over a series since LOST, and I love obsessing over shows, haha.

Will you be watching?

… three fires must you light… one for life and one for death and one to love…