Here, have a fact about Christmas // Punkinhead

Warning: This one also might give you nightmares. There's something creepy about Punkinhead.

Punkinhead was inspired by the success of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Eaton's decided they ought to have their own Christmas creature, and thus created this little critter: Punkinhead, The Sad Little Bear. Punkinhead became one of Santa's helpers.

His first appearance was in the 1948 Eaton's Christmas Parade, shown with his iconic orange hair. Punkinhead soon popped up on a variety of promotional items including books, pyjamas, children's furniture, toys and in the form of a teddy bear.

So, who's behind Punkinhead? He was created by animated legend Charlie Thorson (1890-1966). Charlie Thorson's work experience included developing Snow White for Disney, Bugs Bunny for Warner Brothers, and Elmer the Safety Elephant for the Toronto Police Department.

I'm not sure if I'm happy or disappointed that Punkinhead's popularity did not last into the years of my children.

Information from The World Encyclopedia of Christmas written by Gerry Bowler. 

More information on Punkinhead can be found on page 184.

Merry Christmas!


Here, have a fact about Christmas // Krampus

I know what you're thinking. You're a fashion blogger, why the heck are you talking about Christmas? Well, if you recall my post on How to Start a Fashion Blog, you will know that I never am keen on putting any particular blog in a tidy little box. I also happen to love Christmas, and wanted to share some of my favourite fun facts about the holiday from The World Encyclopedia of Christmas, written by Gerry Bowler. I had the pleasure of taking a history course on Christmas with Professor Bowler and now I feel bad for any unfortunate soul who doesn't fully appreciate Christmas. So without further adieu, here, have a fact about Christmas.


Do I have any Central European readers? This Christmas character is both interesting and disturbing. In this region, Krampus is the gift-bringer's helper. He is depicted as a devil and carries a rod/whip. Freaked out yet? He trots along with St. Nicholas and scares children. The particularly naughty lot gets thrown in a basket on his back, but don't worry, St. Nicholas is there to rescue them in the end. 

I'm glad I was able to get everyone in the Christmas spirit.

Information from The World Encyclopedia of Christmas written by Gerry Bowler. 

More information on Krampus can be found on page 128.

Merry Christmas!


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