Pretty Spring Things // Haul

My colour palette for spring! Blush pink, grey, burnt orange, white, beige, brown and black. If you're looking to create a new image, making a colour palette is a great place to start. If you don't have any photoshop programs, try this site.

As much as I'd love to be flawlessly consistent, I will of course occasionally include other colours into my looks (in particular, olive green and denim blue). That being said, my most recent purchases do reflect these colours. Here's what I bought.


Here I Stand // Dress from Liberty Garden

Change is on the horizon.

This week, I made a hard decision to take a new job offer. I really love my job, working in a non-profit organization that helps woman entrepreneurs...however I knew I couldn't work in this type of job forever. I only have a week or so left until taking the next step into another really amazing organization. I always think back to when I graduated university, feeling utterly lost and like I would never find a job. People can be a little harsh on arts grads. But now I'm going to be working in a field that combines so many of my interests. It's going to be an exciting journey.

On a less serious note, I'm also planning a little shopping trip to revamp my wardrobe, as I've been feeling a little lacklustre.

This dress, however, is new from Liberty Garden. Your purchase at Liberty Garden directly funds a life-saving malaria treatment. Have you noticed that so many companies are making the shift to social responsibility?

dress c/o Liberty Garden, jacket from Forever 21, scarf thrifted.


365 Blog Topic Ideas: God Knows I Need It...

Oops, had a little hiatus! But I just got this book in the mail from my friend Dana Fox over at Wonder Forest. 365 Blog Topic Ideas is the cure for blogger writing blocks, and I'm definitely in need of that lately. When you're a niche blogger, it can get a little same-old-same-old, which is why I usually recommend branching out slightly from your norm. This book really helps with that.

It has been fun to flip through and  get new ideas for posts, even though I haven't exactly put any to good use yet. When I get back into the swing of things, I will definitely occasionally open it at random and blog about whatever comes up.

Favourites so far...

What would your mantra be for your blog (explain).

I like this one because at my current job, I get to interview entrepreneurs. It's always interesting to see the various and unique motivations and philosophies that come with each business.

Create an Introduction Post for new readers

This has been on my mind for awhile, since I really don't even have an about me section.

Luxuries that are totally worth it

As someone who doesn't buy too many luxuries, I definitely have things I won't cheap out on.

That's all I'll give away for now! Are you having a creative block too?

You can buy the book on Amazon!