So yesterday was very exciting because my boyfriend took me out on a date to the Keg. :) My favourite restaurant. We haven't been out on a date in forever due to conflicting schedules/being busy with homework ( he goes to the same university) . Anyways, I got my FAVOURITE dish King Crab and Steak, and we also got this crab parmesan dip for a appetizer...what can I say, I love crab. The night ended as we tried desperately to find 500 days of Summer online as it isn't in theatres anymore, and I really wanted him to watch it. It's easy to find but his internet was being annoying so we didn't watch it all. But I'm definitely making him watch it when its comes out on dvd! 
My outfit.

Le Chateau top, Dynamite skirt, Le Chateau heels, Steve Madden purse.