new wishlist + weather blues

I always complain about the weather. But I think that's just a requirement if you live in Manitoba. It is so annoying not to be able to dress up and take nice outfit shots outside because it's nearly -40. It's very hard to get inspired to dress up in that kind of weather, when all you wanna do is pile on any many sweaters as you can. So basically while I cannot take photos of my outfits...I will just drool over things I could buy on the internet...wishlist time. 
modcloth hats, forever 21 skirt, aldo shoe, miss dior perfume.

 And now, time for my favourite blog of the moment...

I absolutely loveeee everything about this blog! Just take a look for yourself and you will too soon be in love with the layout, content and style of the blog. Let yourself wander through trips to flea markets, European travel, and see many adorable bows along the way...
For a sneak peak, enjoy some photos from her blog; of course these are all taken by her.



  1. we absolutely have the same gist with today's post!! aackk.. the weather here in manitoba is so unforgiving!!! when will spring ever come!?!?

  2. Good choice with the wedges, they are beauuutiful!



  3. I agree-love the wedges! Think I will have to put those on the birthday wishlist I just started on myregistry.com!

  4. Love those Aldo shoes. I got an email from them today and went to check them out :)


    PS: Dumbest person ever. I finally found your Follow Me button...which for some reason I thought was non existant :P

  5. Love, love, love the straw boater and that gorgeous duck egg blue skirt. Yummy things!