This post is 100 percent dedicated to Harry Potter. Here are my 4 favourite wrock (wizard rock) bands. My friends and I are ultranerds and often fantasize about throwing a huge Harry Potter Party with some of these bands.

Danny Dementor could be classified under wrock or perhaps wrap. Some of his songs are soft, sweet, sad while others are rather comical. Here are 2 songs because I couldn't pick just one. Some of these songs have spoilers so if you haven't read the books BEWARE.


This is actually one of the best wrock songs I've ever heard. If you're a fan of Harry Potter I guarantee this song will make you tear up!


This band offers a little insight into the early years of Remus Lupin...so if you love him like I do, you'll surely love this band as well.

4. The Ministry of Magic
The unfolding of Snape's character in the books was one of my favourite plot lines. Again, this video will have some spoilers if you haven't read the last book.


Hope you enjoyed my list! Comment and tell me your favourite wrock musicians :D


  1. OMG!!!...I'm obsessed with HP:X:X I love him to die..Can wait until the 19th of the month when the films comes out:X

    xoxo sere

  2. Great choices! I love Danny Dementor so much, The Fallen makes me so sad.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0VlIjXj9NA&feature=player_embedded

    - Patricia

  4. wow...i like your post about the wrock!!!!
    and of course i love your costume...i think that's gonna be cool if you wear the costume to go to school!!!

  5. love love love ministry of magic, the parselmouths, and the maoning myrtles!

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