ghost town

I actually had to shovel out a spot for me to stand on my deck. The snow has been a little stressful especially last Thursday when it stormed all Wednesday night and continued to Thursday. I have school on Thursdays and I knew it would be a horrible drive. I left at 7:30 and didn't arrive at school until 9:15 because traffic was often stopped completely because everyone was inching along as it was so slippery. Worst drive to school ever! Of course I missed my first class. 
Anyways, not much else to say today because I have lots of homework ( exam week is coming up ).

dress; miss patina. shoes; aldo. tights; we love colors. 


new hair

I finally decided to go back to dark hair :3 I liked red/orange hair, but I'm glad to have this colour again. 



but the ground remembers her

As you may or may not know, I am the crazy cat lady. I constantly start debates with dog-lovers and love defending the LOVELINESS of cats. Here are some of the photos I've collected of cuteee cats.

& the cutest of all, my kitty. 

Unfortunately I don't know the original sources for the photos. If ANY of these belong to you, please either email me or comment and I will put credit where needed. 
If you love cats, go to my bestie's blog about her adorable cats. I love their personalities and how they interact with one another.

And less cute, here was what I wore today;
mustard yellow "dress" from H&M, pink cardigan from forever 21. skirt homemade.




black gold white

Snow has arrived in Manitoba and...I'm already sick of it !?
No, I'm not, but it's always a pain to adjust to driving in the winter conditions. 
This weekend was great because 
a.) HARRY POTTER - It was amazing of course but had a slightly different vibe than the rest of the movies did. Some of the scenes are slightly 'out of place' to me but I still enjoyed it. Much more emotion than the other movies but of course that is how the book is as well. Can't wait for July now.
b.) No homework, yesss.
c.) Went to the casino last night and almost lost all my money but then had a comeback and ended up with +10 dollars hah.
d.) Went to the mall today which is decorated for Christmas. I got into the spirit of the Holiday ( a litttleee early  I suppose) and bought a bunch of wrapping paper and bows and such. 

e.) I got to wear my new Miss Patina bow. Love it.

bow necklace from miss patina, pants from costa blancas, sweater from joe fresh styles, scarf from le chateau.

Also, I just spotted that Miss Patina has added some new dresses. I love the colours on this one:


Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure

Today's the day! I might bring my camera to the theatre and take more pics but I dunno if other people will dress up or not...
Here is what I wore today to school first: (too chicken to wear my ravenclaw outfit lol)
I'm too cool to wear a jacket.
skirt; thrifted and altered. boots; aldo, scarf; joe fresh, gloves; garage. 

Just kidddinn, of course I had a coat, just not in these photos. Tonight there is going to be a huge snowstorm (good, because I would be VERY MAD if there wasn't snow before Dec.1) but guess what? It ain't gonna stop me from getting to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, PART ONE.

 A boy I knew in highschool made me this wand in woodworking class. I have been meaning to stain it a dark brown colour but have been toooo lazy. Well I'm off to watch the rest of HP6 and then go to the midnight premiere. BESTTT EVER.



This post is 100 percent dedicated to Harry Potter. Here are my 4 favourite wrock (wizard rock) bands. My friends and I are ultranerds and often fantasize about throwing a huge Harry Potter Party with some of these bands.

Danny Dementor could be classified under wrock or perhaps wrap. Some of his songs are soft, sweet, sad while others are rather comical. Here are 2 songs because I couldn't pick just one. Some of these songs have spoilers so if you haven't read the books BEWARE.


This is actually one of the best wrock songs I've ever heard. If you're a fan of Harry Potter I guarantee this song will make you tear up!


This band offers a little insight into the early years of Remus Lupin...so if you love him like I do, you'll surely love this band as well.

4. The Ministry of Magic
The unfolding of Snape's character in the books was one of my favourite plot lines. Again, this video will have some spoilers if you haven't read the last book.


Hope you enjoyed my list! Comment and tell me your favourite wrock musicians :D


the ever-living ghost of what once was

When it comes time to switch my summer wardrobe over to my fall, there are always a few items that slip through. This skirt is one of those items. I probably wear it more than anything else in my wardrobe because of its versatility.
 skirt from forever 21, shoes from wet seal, top from urban behavior.
This is my new jacket from Old Navy. I love green.



Awhile back my friends and I made plans to get Harry Potter related tattoos before the last movie comes out. I'm not sure if I've expressed it too much here, but Harry Potter has uh...a staple in my life since I was probably 10-11 years old. The books have been timeless for me and I don't remember a year since I began reading them that I didn't re-read at least 2 of the books. When the last book came out my friends and I went to a Midnight release Harry Potter Party that was at a park. It was probably one of the best nights of my life. There was tents with different classroom themes such as Divinition, tons of dementors walking around (which we defeated with the helps of our wands and silly string), and way too many Harry Potter fans to count. We dressed up (I'm a Ravenclaw by the way) and went around interviewing people about why they loved Harry Potter. The videos are long lost but I still have a  photo from the night. 

And here was one photo from when I saw the last Harry Potter movie.
The next movie is less than a week away and I can't wait to go to the midnight premiere in my Ravenclaw outfit. It's super funny to see the looks on people's faces if you happen to stray away from the theater into different public places. 

Anyways, the real point of this post was to reveal one idea I had for my tattoo. Originally I was going to get a really small tattoo of the Deathly Hallows symbol. However now I'm thinking of something a little bit different.
The feather is less obvious as a Harry Potter tattoo yet is relevant as it is a common motif in the books. I like the realistic, slightly tattered appearance of this feather and I even like the location but I don't want to spoil job opportunities... 
I've received a lot of negative reactions after telling people I was getting a tattoo. My mom had really no issue with it but other people said it didn't suit me because I was too girly. I agree that I really never thought I would get a tattoo but I think something has changed in my life because my mindset is different. The feather is still girly, dainty and sophisticated in my opinion. I'm not getting a flaming skull, for crying out loud. I suppose I shouldn't care about what other people think because it's for me, on my body. Still, I expect a few bad reactions even on here, but I'd rather hear about where you think I should get the tattoo. I'm looking for ideas and suggestions on location, so please share. I'd also like to hear about your personal tattoo stories and if it has ever ruined a job opportunity for you.

Coming soon: a post on all my favourite Wizard Wrock and Wrap artists/songs. Aren't you excited?!



heart racing


I guess Kurt and I will never be together :(


sneaaak peek

Dress courtesy of Miss Patina. I'm wearing it tonight to go to the Old Spaghetti Factory with a slightly different outfit but I thought it looked rather good with my bowler hat a few days ago. I love the beaded peter pan collar and the little heart beads. This dress reminds me of the 40s because of the lace and the pleated bottom <3

dress from miss patina, hat from forever 21.



our shoes were our show boats

I spent today shopping and doing things for school. I think I MAY be developing a slight sparkle fever this season...I didn't really catch onto that trend last year but suddenly I'm buying many sparkly items. I will possibly post my purchases this weekend as well as a sneak peek at a dress and necklace I received from Miss Patina <3.
 top, ring and leggings from forever 21.


happy november

What does November mean to you?
 hat thrifted, necklace from miss patina, shirt from sirens, sweater and belt from joe fresh styles, skirt from costa blanca, boots from spring, tights from american eagle. 

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