it's the end of an era

Last night, like many others, my childhood came to an end. Of course it had ended when the last Harry Potter book came out; but I still clung to the hope/excitement of the movies. 'Pottermore', although vague, also seems promising. I've signed up to register as soon as it comes out!

My mourning day started with brewing a cold cup of Butterbeer. Yes, this recipe calls for Pink Butterbeer. It was pretty good though, just sickeningly sweet.
We got to the midnight premiere 4 hours early. Usually we only go about 2-3 hours early. We were literally almost at the end of the line! I couldn't believe that some people had waited up to 8 hours! There was also a showing at 12:30 am in a non-3D theatre and that line-up was tiny. I didn't really want to see it in 3D because I'm not a fan, but when I bought the tickets that was all that was offered. Of course I dressed up! There was many people dressed up, including a Hagrid, Bellatrix and a couple of Death Eaters.
There were a number of these types of shirts, which I think are fantastic and adorable. These particular ones are from here. 
When everyone was let in, there was the frantic rush to get seats. By the time we got in only the bottom section was available so I went to save 3 seats at the upper row of that section. I was standing in front of 3 seats saving them while my friends looked around for anything else, and the group beside me didn't calculate their seats right and asked me to move over one. We were already pretty far over on the side so I didn't want to, but before I could reply I was pretty much forced over! They just plopped their stuff down on one of my seats. Two seconds later they said they needed one more seat and forced me over one more! By now I was right at the edge and it was definitely not a good view. My friends came back and were pretty mad. 

After leaving the theatre; bribing some people in the 12:30 line with the special-edition 3D Harry Potter glasses, and speaking to the manager about changing out tickets, we managed to get into that show instead! Everyone who went to this showing got great seats because the theatre wasn't sold out or packed. (I don't understand why they fill a 3D theatre when if you sit at the front of one of those movies you can see the green fuzziness of the 3D effects on screen & it really isn't enjoyable)...
I don't think it should be a surprise when I say the movie was AMAZING. A few things here and there weren't exactly correct-straight-from-the-book, but it was still great. The best scene by far was the Snape scene (No spoilers, but I'm sure HP fans will know which one I'm talking about).
Harry Potter, I will miss you.



  1. friggen' love the shirts!
    and your outfit is so damn amazing, i love it!
    Krissy xoxo


  2. Great outifit, in fact it's a great cosplay :D I have a question concerning those t-shirts - if I normally wear XS rather than S, shoul I buy S from junior type rather than from Unisex? I am just curious, maybe you once bought something from their site.

  3. you looked fab! i dressed up too :) i'm glad to see a hp post on my blog roll, i didn't think i would!

  4. @ styl - Sorry I havent bought from there ! I think the S from the junior type would probably be best for you.

  5. the video made me smile and cry :( so sad it's the last part of HP :(

    wish I had friends who were as crazy about HP as I am and who'd dress up like characters from 'Harry Potter'... would be so cool!

  6. That's so awesome that you're a Harry Potter fan! Major awesome points for that, and for your fantastic costume :)

    I went to the midnight release too, dressed as Bellatrix. Two little girls came up to me and asked for my photograph! My friends and I also had not-so-great seats, third row back from the front. Still, I leaned back in my seat and made the best of it - and of course, I forgot all about the bad seats when I was busy trying to muffle my sobs!

    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. It was so perfect.


  7. Ohh I am jealous - I can't wait to see it! I can believe that part of my life will be over, sob! P.s. love love love the tshirts!

    Lost in the Haze

  8. I love your outfit!!! You managed to capture the spirit AND still look trendy at the same time. I'm gonna have to get myself one of those t-shirts, they're too awesome!

  9. It was the best, I totally agree about the Snape scene!

  10. i definitely agree that the snape section was incredible. I straight up ugly cried through it.

    And you look awesome in your outfit! yay for a fellow ravenclaw!

    It's crazy to me to think that I have had something harry potter related to look forward to for half of my life... and now... it's over. my heartbreaks.

  11. I am such a huge Harry Potter fan, dressed up too, and cried last night. So sad.

  12. I cannot wait to see this! I'm going to sob throughout the entire film, I can tell :(

  13. Love your outfit....can't beat a bit of fancy dress. I can't wait to see the film but I'm going to wait until the hype goes down abit so it isn't as busy xxx

  14. incredible was the premiere of Harry Potter here in my town which lies Belém do Pará in Brazil. He had several characters as well as you said, was perfect cried a lot, to be honest I cried reading the book more than seeing the movie. I was shocked the scene of Snape.
    HP will always be at the heart of every fan s2

  15. omg i am so emotional reading this post. i love hp so much and i cant believe its really over :( i thought the movie was so great. im going to start reading the books over again because i miss it already. also, im going to see the movie again!!

  16. The movie was indeed amazing! I loved the Harry Potter style 3D glasses so much. We got our tickets early online to avoid the line-waiting and it worked out nicely for us. I really love your costume too!

    about the whole waiting thing. But it was all DEFINITELY worth it.
    And I love your outfit! I dressed up and everyone just looked at me like I was retarded :S
    Oh my goshhhhh it really was like the end of an era :(

  18. I love this post! Love HP and your outfit is adorable. In fact.. all of them are.
    Following you. x


  19. Unfortunately I didnt get a chance to go to the midnight premiere because it was my friends bday party and although we (bday girl included) seriously considered leaving the party to go to the cinema we figured watch the very last HP ever, drunk, wouldn't be such a good idea!
    But I wholeheartedly agree with you about the 3D thing, I was forced to go and watch it in 3D but I'm really not a fan.
    You look absolutely amazing in your Harry Potter outfit! I'm gonna guess that you're in Ravenclaw? haha - glad you had a good night and dont worry, theres always the books to read again and the films to watch at home :D

    Little Humble Fashion Abode

  20. I like the trio but I always wanted to be in Ravenclaw! Did the Snape scene killed you? I went into pieces!