Love is a place.

I had an interview at the GAP and they asked me what I thought some trends for Fall were.

• Think, Chunky Sweaters (Cableknit, fisherman's) 
• Wedges 
• High waisted (like this high waisted pair of shorts from Chicwish, which I think will look great with grey tights come fall/winter..) 
• Sheer 
• Leather 
• Lace up boots
• Square, vintage-esque purses (Again, like this one from Chicwish! I'm currently expanding my collection on these types of bags.) 

I got called back for a 2nd interview that was supposed to be today but now it's rescheduled for tomorrow :) Interviews always make me super nervous. The worst one I had was at LUSH cosmetics. It was a group interview and I hate interrupting people; I think it's tacky.So many of the girls were out-of-this-world enthusiastic so I gradually realized that I probably wasn't suited for the job. Not to mention the workplace looked rather boring as it's not like a clothing store where you have to clean up after people trying items on, etc. The questions were crazy, such as, "If you were an appliance, which appliance would you be?"
I hardly spoke the whole time while just letting everyone else talk, yet somehow I got a call back for the job? Needless to say I turned it down.
shorts and bag from chicwish, booties and top from forever 21.


  1. Best wishes on the job interviews! You floral motif shorts are darling.

    ♥, Jamie

  2. Good luck with the interviews! I always get really nervous for them, my brother helped me out last time. He reminded me that they obviously like you from your cv/first interview so no point worrying that the aren't going to like you, you just need to back up why they liked you in the first place. Sure you will be fine anyway xxx

  3. Amazing look! I am in love with your shorts!
    Oh best luck in the next interviews :)
    Great blog <3

    xx, TatiannaMaria

  4. Good luck with the second round interview. I have an interview next week for a job I reaaaaly want so it's going to be seven days of intense nerves!! So I feel your pain! I love this outfit...so sweet and feminine!


  5. Oh interviews make me nervous too, and having a group interview sounds scary... I think its so cool they call anyways.. Good luck on your upcoming interviews and I hope you find the job that you are looking for...

    BTW the shorts and the bag are lovely =)

  6. you are so cute!!love your look!

  7. I LOVE your shorts. And good luck with the interviews :)

  8. Darling, darling, darling! You are such a master with styling :D

  9. I love those shorts! They definitely suit you well :)


  10. Beautiful outfiit :) and good luck ith your interviews :D <3

    Doudinou <3

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  12. I think you look really pretty. Your whole outfit is just a plus. :)



  13. I went to a group interview for this clothing store called Cotton On once. The other interviewees were mainly hyperactive teenagers and gay guys. One of the questions was, "if you were an animal, what would you be and why?" The other people gave answers like, "I'd be a tiger, CUZ I'M SO FIERCE!" and "I'd be a dog, CUZ I'M SO LOYAL!" I said, "I'd be a cat because I'm really lazy and I sleep all the time."

    I did not get the job.

  14. Lovely shorts!! xoxo


  15. I can't picture you wearing all Gap, all the time. My friend works there, and you HAVE to spend a portion of your paycheck on the latest clothes in the store. All-American prep just doesn't seem like your style!

  16. Ohh the bag is stunning! Great color and i love the way you made it work with the rest of the outfit.


    The Hearabouts


  17. Love the color of your bag! Pretty!


  18. Those shorts are super awesome and look great on you. Lush seems like a fun place to work because it'd always smell good and you'd get to try all the nice products, but I can see how a clothes store would be more fun.