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Style by Marina is offering a $50US gift certificate to one of my lucky readers.
This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL. 

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 A winner will be chosen Wednesday, April 6th, 2011. Good luck !

& we slept in sundays

 I lied when I said I hate January the most. March has been the longest month ever, and is still dragging on somehow.
Today I will be doing two posts. Check back because the next will be a giveaway ! :D

 shoes from wet seal, skirt and blouse from forever 21, scarf from costa blanca.

 Eevee <3


bow tights !

I always get stares if I wear any type of unique tights. 
I want to do something with my hair - but I'm not sure what. Maybe put some different tones in? Get layers? The only thing with layers is that it is very annoying to curl.
 tights from romwe, bag from forever 21, shorts from sirens, top from urban behavior.


I want to see this movie. It makes me very curious/intrigued.



Sandbox magazine hit the shelves today - and guess what? I'm in it ! Haha. A month ago I did a photoshoot with Sandbox by Pink Elephant Studio and this is the end result. Isn't it shocking to see me with my hair pulled back? I really haven't had my hair pulled back for possibly 10 years. This is the one and only time, folks...so let it soak in. I think my favourite outfit now is the one with the striped blazer.
It was a really fun experience - I've never been airbrushed before! All of the outfits were put together with clothing from Osborne village shops - American Apparel, Hush & Shout, Loka, Out of the blue & Rooster. The styling was done by Suzy Bodiroga and Vanessa Kunderman, makeup by Meagan Perron and hair by Viz Cabrera. 

The magazine can be picked up in Winnipeg at Chapters/Coles (but not until next week, I think), McNally Robinson & Hush & Shout.  If you live in Alberta, Saskatchewan or Toronto you can find it at any Indigo, Coles or Chapters !
 It's a great issue full of amazing photoshoots ("brain power" is especially lovely) and also a great DIY article by Raez and Andrew. Defoooooo check it out !


leopard + stripes

Guess what ! Romwe is having a great sale on their tights - 'like' their facebook page and you can get tights for 1.99 :) It increased one dollar every week so get the deal while you can.  
& Speaking of Romwe, I finally pulled together an outfit with this striped tie up shirt. 
I wasn't exactly sure how to style it...Of course it would look great with anything high-waisted, but I didn't feel like wearing jean shorts. The buttons on it were leopard so I decided to try it with my leopard skirt - and surprisingly...I liked it? What an odd combo.
top from romwe, skirt from wet seal, shoes from aldo.


drink from the fountain of youth and never age again

I fail at philosophy, and I hate it. I'm taking a class on the Enlightenment and our final essay is rather philosophical...I really want to rip my hair out right now. I can't imagine having to be in a real philosophy class. 
Enough school talk. I've had this blouse for maybe...4 years? I bought it from Sirens, which is rather notorious for poor quality, cheap clothing. When you have a wardrobe that is plentiful and you don't have to wear items repeatedly, you can definitely get away with owning such 'cheap' items. Are designer brands really that great of quality though? Probably not all the time. I suppose it's the age old question of Quality vrs Quantity...but I think if you have quantity, items can hold their quality for much longer.
blouse from sirens, boots and skirt from forever 21.



The Honey Trees by Simon Filip. So gorgeous.


forever 21

How could I resist checking out the newly opened Forever 21 here in Winnipeg? It's far from my house, but I just had to...and it was amazing ! Just like any other forever - huge, plentiful...They had different sections for the different "lines" as well as for the jewelry and shoes. Just amazing. There were so many employees working and trying to keep everything organized, but it's practically impossible.
Two baggy style shirts, the striped one is bat-wing.
 Taupe Wedges. <3
 Jean skirt with embroidery. 



memory is a fickle siren's song

 skirt & blouse from forever 21, belt from urban outfitters, necklace gift from etsy.

Return of my favourite skirt from forever 21. One of my favourite remix pieces.

Have a pretty song.



jobs jobs jobs

I often contemplate my life, thinking about my vast and promising future as a hobo. 
Jokes aside, I like to browse http://dailyfashionjobs.com/ because a lot of it sounds like things I would probably enjoy doing. The thing is, I have issues with wanting both conventionality and creativity - sometimes the two don't exactly mix. Many creative jobs involve strange hours which you often "make yourself" and loosey goosey tasks. Sometimes I think I would be happy just sitting at a desk all day. Sometimes. However most of the job descriptions on the site involve living in New York - of course, it's fashion. An industry which is...unique in Winnipeg, might be growing, but certainly isn't prominent. 

So I want to know, readers. What kind of career would you ideally want?


walk together to the river

4 weeks left of school.
Guess what? My friend Raimundo Sutton is coming to visit me here in Canada in June :) For three weeks.
boots from spring, top from joe fresh, shorts and bag from forever 21.


new patina !

 New Miss Patina styles are now available and here are a few of my favourites. I think what I love most about the brand is the cute details they put into every piece. There is always something special and unique. Check out their website for these styles and more new arrivals which will be available in the new few weeks.
Also, Miss Patina is now stocked by Topshop oxford circus in London. Congrats !



honey, honey

It seems like the world is just facing one disaster after another...I'm lucky to live in the smack dab center of Canada where it it pretty impossible to have a tsunami or an earthquake. I hope everything gets better for those affected.


purse from forever 21, brogues from aldo, dress from buckle.



WINNERS of we love colors giveaway

Hello all! 
I'm pleased to announce the winners of the We Love Colors giveaway...yes, winners! I decided to listen to the majority and give one pair of tights to three different people. Congrats Kate, Monik and Liz! All winners were randomly selected using a random number generator  :) Those listed will be emailed.


mirror in the sky, what is love?

This is one of the prettiest dresses I've ever seen; nevermind owned ! This swan dress, courtesy of Romwe has one of my favourite shapes for dresses and the material is lovely (silk). The print is also repeated on the back. It's truly dreamy, isn't. According to the site there are only a few left...

  dress from www.romwe.com, boots from aldo, bag for  forever 21.

ALSO. Last night Glee redid one of my favourite songs. so good.



you desired my attention but denied my affections

Introducing the newest member of the family <3 <3 Eevee. 
A little troublemaker already ! Heh.

& Here's what I wore today.

top and satchel from forever 21, belt from urban outfitters, leggings from urban behavior, booties from spring.