Western Boots

I can't get enough of western-inspired boots right now. Browsing the women's shoes at Westfield, I came cross these beauties. 

You can't go wrong with black. I especially enjoy the elongated, pointed toe - which really takes the western inspiration to the next level! I can imagine both these boots paired with sheer black tights, a pleated skirt, a sheer blouse and a chunky knit scarf. Click here for pair 1, and here for pair 2.

The colours of these remind me of grapes or apples! Both these colours are big for me this season. The second pair is probably less obviously inspired by the west, having more of a desert shoe feel...but I think it's the heel that still offers it a bit of country influence. Click here for pair one, and here for pair two.

Lastly I found these two brown/taupe pair of women's boots! The small studded detailing on the first pair gives it a bit of a twist, while the second returns to a more classic western look. I like how it fades darker at the toe, giving it a worn, rustic appearance. Click here for pair one, and here for pair two.

If you're looking to shop for women's shoes online, I have a little tip for you...Shop on Australian websites! Now that they are gearing into summer, most of the fall and winter stuff is on sale as they bring in new arrivals of their spring/summer product.



  1. This is my favorite style of boot for the season, too! I've been eyeing a pair of Sam Edelman boots that I'm sure I'll definitely have to get.

    - Shannon of ShannonSometimes.com

  2. I love the red and green ones! So unique. (:


  3. Great tip! I don't know of many Australian online stores, I'll have to look into it! Look this style of boot.

  4. love the brown and olive green boots! amazing!
    Krissy xoxo

  5. I've been trying to find black ankle booties like this for weeks now! But I'm in London so the American sites that have ones I like cost an arm and a leg to ship here. :(

    Style to Stage

  6. That is a GREAT tip! I never would have thought of that but it is so true that they're getting rid of their fall items while we're moving right into that season.