Anastasia of Beverly Hills Review // Kisses On My List

For all the early shoppers, here is a great holiday gift idea to give any special lady in your life.

The Kisses On My List Volume 2 gloss set, by Anastasia of Beverly Hills, features six ultra shiny glosses. The shades stay in the pink/rose tones. Two of the glosses are matte (Maggie May and Moi), while the others (Roxanne, Sharona, Lola and Jolene) are shimmery. If you didn't notice already, they follow the theme of the Want You to Want Me eyeshadow palette - rock'n'roll glamof the 70's! This set in particular is named after rock muses.

The applicator is a spatula style. While it's a little awkward to use at first, I got used to it pretty fast and it allows for a smooth application.

I applied my top three choices to show you how the gloss wears.

First  I applied 'Lola', which is a shimmery light pink with silver undertone. I usually choose reds and maroons for the holiday season, but I can definitely imagine this bubbly colour with a silver sequin skirt.

Next was the matte colour, 'Moi'. In the tube it has a rosey tone, but when applied it's more of a nude and subtle colour. It's a great colour to gloss up your lips without looking overly shimmery or sparkle-fied.

Last up is 'Jolene' which was a hot pink colour with again, silver undertone shimmer. It isn't an overly bright colour when applied, but definitely is fancy enough to wear to a holiday party. 

As you can see, all the glosses have similarities but it's nice to have the small variations which set each gloss apart. 
The glosses were a bit sticky (I really haven't found a gloss that isn't yet...) and quite thick.
Overall I think it's a great holiday gift that has adorable presentation and enough gloss to last a lifetime! Buy the set here from Sephora.



  1. this might sound weird - but lipgloss really suits your lips :D you have "lipglosslips", which for example - i don't have, i just don't look good with lipgloss :D
    so yay!

  2. So beautiful!


  3. Awe, I'd so love to have that set! Love lip gloss :P.

    Happy Tuesday!


  4. I really love the colours that come with this set, I'm going to have to check it out! xx