REVIEW: Dermablend

Have you heard of Dermablend?

I was introduced to the product on TV - and was quite excited to try it out for myself. They have a range of skin products, and I chose the Smooth Indulgence Foundation in the lightest colour available - nude beige. The product is described as providing medium coverage and long wearability, while also having SPF 20 sunscreen. The package came with an applicator sponge and (cute!) a candy cane for Christmas.

The consistency of the foundation is somewhere between very light and slightly heavy. For how light it is, it's actually quite amazing how dense the foundation is...It rubs onto the face without being goopy/hard to spread and you only need a small bit to cover a large portion of your face! 

The coverage is very good compared to a lot of other foundations I've tried. This foundation works best when applied to a clean, moisturised face. It goes on matte and I did not have any problems with my face look greasy at any point when I wore it. I have been wearing it for a couple weeks now and no signs of breakouts or skin irritation either.

Here is a snapshot I took in the morning after applying one side of my face with Dermablend. Can you see which one? Well I don't mean to nitpick at myself, but the right side is the side WITHOUT Dermablend. I have redness on my cheeks, some discolouration and darkness under my eyes. The left is with Dermablend, and you can see my skin looks very even.

Overall I'd give Dermablend 9.5/10. My only complaint being that it didn't look great when my skin was really dry one day. But...maybe that's a reminder that I should really moisturise my skin, haha. I love it and I look forward to using it from now on.


  1. Nice review! I think I might try it out as well ;)


  2. I also tend to put a "Dislike" tag on some products because they show off the dryness of the skin. But, at the end of the day - why not moisturize it properly before applying a product? :)
    Great review!

  3. Great review! I should try it out I guess hihi.♥

  4. My gosh, your skin is beautiful even without the foundation! Thanks for the review. :)

  5. You are beautiful!! Just a question- why are you not updating your blog much lately???

    1. thankss! I've been a bit busy with work + christmas :) I hope to have more regular updates in the new year.